Photo by MonkeyTree Photography

Photo by MonkeyTree Photography

The lovely Asian sensation, Susan Shan, recently interviewed Jayme Lamm of The Blonde Side for her weekly feature titled, “Hot Fan.”

It’s Wednesday again, which means you need another Hot Fan feature to get you over the hump. So, let me introduce you to Jayme, a hot 28-year-old writer who’s proud of her blonde locks and probably knows more about sports than you do.

Jayme is originally from Chesapeake, VA. Her father really wanted a son but got stuck with her, so he taught her how to throw perfect spirals and highly encouraged active participation in sports. As a result, she began playing softball at an early age and went on to play the sport in college at George Mason.

Yes, that George Mason. “Final Four ring a bell?!” Jayme asked.

To see the entire article by Shan, click here.

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