Should I Get Grouper, Snapper or Seared Tuna?

@cponder7 timeline

Really Christian Ponder? How about you get a clue. In response to your ill-timed tweet lacking respect and any semblance of school spirit, that’s what you should get, a clue. A clue about being a real fan. Of all people, you should know just how important fans are during every single game, especially a game with this much to lose.

March Madness is just that – Madness. Utter nonsense. Madness for your team. Madness for your bracket. It isn’t for the faint of hearts which every sports fan knows, so it should go without saying every college athlete knows too.

You Ponder, are the same guy expecting fans to throw up a tomahawk chop right after throwing an interception to end the half. You ramble on and on in press conferences about how important your fans are to your success. To the vitality of your team. But at the same moment your basketball team, your fellow Seminole athletes, who are in the midst of their first overtime game of the season, you’re more concerned with posing a question via twitter as to what kind of fish you should eat? Really Ponder? That’s the kind of man I cheer for to lead my team to a championship? That’s the kind of man I’ve been rooting for and praying gets back up on his feet after an earth-shattering sack that he should have seen coming? Not to mention during a game like this, who the hell cares what kind of fish you eat or if you eat at all?

“eating leftover truffle man and cheese with crawfish tails #mmmm” -really Ponder? That’s what you tweet as your Noles struggle to overtake the #11 seed, Virgina Commonwealth University in the Sweet 16?

I stood by you, along with thousands of other fans as you underwent shoulder surgery. Maybe we should have tweeted about those delicious McRib sandwiches during your operation?

@cponder7 timeline

So thank you Christian Ponder, and Twitter, for showing us what a real, true sports fan’s timeline looks like as your team is just about to make or break the Elite 8. Hopefully all Florida State fans will remember your choice of fan-friendly tweets the next time you get sacked.

Side note, you should be sacked just for using the word “mmmm” at all. I don’t think Tim Tebow’s timeline has ever aggravated me this much and that’s saying a lot.

Oh and Ponder, in case you were too busy eating your delicious Kraft mac n’ cheese to notice, the Noles had a nail biting loss to the Rams in overtime 72 | 71. They played their hearts out and deserved every single FSU fan cheering them on.