Cheerleaders for Cheerleaders?

Photo Courtesy of Bill Baptist

It might sound redundant, especially on a day as important as NFL Draft Day, but there were in fact cheerleaders for the cheerleaders last night at Reliant Stadium and they were in full force.

About 15 minutes before Carolina announced the first round draft pick overall, fans gathered on the Club Level to see the 50 finalists. The smoking hot, talented and football-lovin’ girls were vying for a chance to call themselves a 2011 Texans Cheerleader.

As the girls filed down the stairs in their navy blue Soffe shorts and Texans midriffs, the fans went loco. These “fans” gathered around weren’t Texans fans, at least not for those 15 glorious minutes. They were fans decked out in custom-made shirts, bedazzled and professionally printed signs, buttons, even face paint donning contestant numbers.

Friends, family members, co-workers, and creepy guys from Walgreens – all jumping up and down as if the Texans just won their first ever playoff game. All were present to show their love and support for the girls knowing how hard they’ve worked for the past few weeks learning and practicing the routine they’d be judged on.

The rest of the night turned a little more football centric, but part of the night’s judging was how well the girls interacted and mingled with the fans. The cheerleader’s cheerleaders were also advocating and making their case for why # XYZ should be on everyone’s ballot.

Twins make the world go round. And if you don’t believe me – 12% of the finalists were twins. That’s right – check my math. Out of the 50 remaining girls, there were 3 sets of twins. And they were all fan favorites.

The Lewis Effect

This article was featured on Culture Map, Houston’s Daily Digital Magazine in the sport’s section.