Sports and Food

Recently I’ve been doing some guest posting for a fun little website bringing two of my favorite things together, Sports and Food.

Clutch caking an opposing fan

Here is a sampling of recent things that have been posted over there. Click on the links below to read the full stories and let me know what you think. If you’ve got ideas for new stories, please let a sister know!

Clutch Q&A – Houston Rockets mascot loves fruit, honey, and cakes to the face. This story was not only featured on Sports and Food, but it got prominent placement on ESPN Page 2.


Pick Your Poison – Sports or Cupcakes. Or Both.This is, in my opinion a hilarious tie between some alcohol flavored cupcakes I tasted in Vegas to some of the most memorable sport’s moments and jokes I could think of.

Baketenders at Pick Your Poison

Baketenders at Pick Your Poison

One example: Mimosa – If you’ve ever had the pleasure of partaking in Sunday brunch with bottomless mimosas, you know how quickly you suck them down without giving thought to the rest of the afternoon. Before you know it, the productive little Sunday you had planned (you know the kind, “Bed, Bath, & Beyond … I don’t know if we’ll have enough time”), has gone down the drain and you don’t accomplish anything that was recently within reach. If you watch any NFL, any at all, this may sound a lot like my boy, Andy Reid, and his terrible (and highly criticized) clock mismanagement and frivolous timeout usage, yes?


Duane Brown – Q&A with Texans Offensive Tackle. By far the biggest man I’ve ever encountered in

Duane Brown, OLT of the Houston Texans

Duane Brown, OLT of the Houston Texans

my entire life (weighing in at 320lbs), it seemed like an obvious interview to talk about food with this fellow Virginian. The only thing that surprised me? He didn’t know what comfort food was. Perhaps that’s a girly thing? But as he quickly stated, a man of his size, doesn’t need a pity party to partake in a few extra calories.


There’s No Crying In Baseball But There Are Cupcakes Lots of Them.As a travel and sports writer, I spent the  last year traveling to games – not a bad gig, right? I hitabout 5 Major League Baseball stadiums in just one month and figured I’d taste out some of the best cupcakes in the area to make your job a little easier next time you visit.