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Women’s Adventure Magazine Feature

The Blonde Side was recently listed as a "Featured Contributor" in the Spring 2012 issue of Women's Adventure Magazine. Check out the fun little bio and photo (photo by Vanderford Photography).

Since you may not be able to read said bio, here it is in all its glory: “A star athlete since the age of 5 struggling to pop a wheelie to impress a boy, Jayme has always had a knack for adventure and sports. Playing them, watching them, bossing other people around on how to play them – the whole nine. After working in professional sports in PR and marketing for 5 long years, Jayme was finally escorted out of the industry for what some would call non – PC behavior. Originally from Virginia, she is currently based out of Houston and spends her days (and nights) as a freelance writer in travel and sports, mostly in a full-court press writing her wildly opinionated sport’s column, TheBlondeSide.com.”