Another Failed Fitness Challenge. April: Pushups

The Blonde Side April Pushup Challenge (photo: Sunshine Winters)

Last month, in honor of Lent and trying to get back into better bikini body shape, I started a ridiculous monthly challenge. As you may or may not remember, I failed last month’s challenge by just one measly day. So it should come as no surprise whatsoever, that I once again failed.

Enter the month of April. Last month I ran at least 2 miles/day for 40 days (well 39 to be exact) and my legs were tired. I suffered a number of stress fractures, pains in my knees, legs, and feet that I’ve never before felt, but I did have an amazing ass. So it worked. And it gave me motivation to work out even on those days I didn’t feel so motivated.

For April I was going to devote myself to pushups. I already have pretty strong arms, but having had multiple shoulder surgeries and two complete replacements, my left arm wasn’t in the best shape. As a matter of fact, my left arm weaker than Lindsay Lohan’s vocal cords.

I vowed to do 50 pushups (or more) everyday in May. (There’s also this one hundred pushups program you can try.)

Get ready to judge me, once you see how far I didn’t get (I tally all these in my iPhone notes):

April 1: 55

April 2: 60

April 3: 50

April 4: 50

April 5: 55 (Literally by this day, multiple people, both girls and guys, made comments on my fit arms. It was working!)

April 6: 50

April 7: 60

April 8: 55 (On this day I had 2 different guys tell me to stop with the pushups as my arms were “too big” for a girl.)

April 9: 52 (Random, I know)

April 10: 50

April 11: 60

April 12: 50

April 13: 55

April 15: 100 (notice I missed the 14th, so this was my way of making it up)

April 16: 32 (What’s that? not even to 50!? I. Am. A. Slackass.)

April 18: 55

April 19: 30

April 20: 50

April 21: 60

April 22: 55

And that marks the end of April. I know what you’re thinking: April has 30 days, why did you stop? I wish I had the answer to your question, but all I got is this: I’m lazy. And I need motivation. And I noticed that I barely ran this month because I burnt myself out so much last month.

I need a better plan of attack for these monthly fitness and workout goals. Any suggestions? Keep in mind with all my travel, I need something fairly low-maintenance (as gyms aren’t always an option at my hotels).