MLB Female Fan Series on Yardbarker

Jayme Lamm of The Blonde Side, Texas Rangers fan (photo courtesy of Vanderford Photography)

Jayme Lamm of The Blonde Side, Texas Rangers fan (Vanderford Photography)

The lovely and talented Blythe Brumleve of GuysGirl interviewed The Blonde Side as part of her MLB Female Fan Series talking about Jayme’s love and foundation for the Texas Rangers.

How long have you been a baseball fan?

Um, does forever count?

Where did your initial love for baseball come from?

When I was little, every time I got in trouble (which was a lot) my dad forced me to sit on the couch and watch sports – Nascar and golf were the worst, but thanks to my grandpa explaining the game of baseball to me, I came to know and love the sport early on.

What is single most thing you look forward to while at a baseball game?

The end of the game when the Rangers win

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