Run 10 Feed 10 Interview for Women’s Health Magazine on WalkRunJog

Jayme Lamm from The Blonde Side is an official Women's Health Action Hero

Jayme Lamm from The Blonde Side is an official Women’s Health Action Hero

A few month’s ago Women’s Health Magazine sought out “Action Heroes” for their upcoming race series, Run 10 Feed 10. It has been such an incredible honor (and even months before the race an already incredible journey) to be chosen as an Action Hero for the Austin, TX 10k on October 13th.

Recently, The Blonde Side was interviewed on WalkJogRun about the upcoming race and how training is going so far.

Here’s an excerpt from the interview:

WalkJogRun: Why is it important for you to run the RUN 10 FEED 10?

Jayme Lamm: It may sound silly, but social mediahas a lot to do with it. Aside from the simple and very important fact of giving back and staying in shape, I try and lead by example. I hope that many of my friends, or even acquaintances on Twitter can see the kinds of races I’m doing, see that I’m having fun and making a difference and hopefully they’ll want to join in on this race or upcoming races. Too often charities focus on things far away that we may not see or feel very often, but the RUN 10 FEED 10 race gives back within our local community – to me that is huge. I feel like I’m making an immediate difference right in my own backyard. With each race signup, 10 meals are provided to someone going hungry within the city of Austin – being able to help out so close to home while running in such a beautiful city – is there anything better than that on a Saturday morning?

WalkJogRun: How did you get started running?

Jayme Lamm: Although I run many races each year, I’m not a very good runner. I grew up playing softball and other sports and running was always my punishment. It’s hard to remember how great of an athlete I was many years ago and get beat by 70-year-old women in half marathons, but it keeps me going and pushes me!

WalkJogRun: Are you a morning runner or an evening runner?

Want this bag? Then sign up for Run10Feed10

Want this bag? Then sign up for Run10Feed10

Jayme Lamm: I live in Texas! I try to run anytime the temperature drops below 100, which lately seems to be never!

Read the full Run 10 Feed 10 Interview here. 

Want to join me for the run on October 13th in Austin? It’s easier than Angelina Jolie adopting another child:

Go to the Run 10 Feed 10 website and scroll to the bottom where you see the Austin date and click Register Now. The cost of the race is $40 and includes your entry, the all-the-rage-limited-edition FEED bag you see philanthropist celebs sporting, and MOST IMPORTANTLY that money will instantly provide 10 meals to those going hungry locally.
*If you do sign up, please email me (jayme[at]theblondeside[dot]com) your name so I can add to my team. You’ll also get big-slightly-inappropriate hugs resembling TSA from me if you do it. And if you can’t run it (or don’t want to), please consider donating a few bucks. Seriously, skip that $5 footlong at Subway tomorrow and donate to this great cause.