Interactive Running Game(s)

The Blonde Side's Running Game(s)

The Blonde Side’s Running Game(s)

I do not like running. Let me start there. I am at best, an average runner. As I was debating an afternoon run a few weeks ago, I realized I needed some form of motivation. Something way beyond my usual Google search of hot and athletic chicks, so I turned a little impromptu game, making my run interactive by posting questions and polls on my social media channels. Once people started paying attention and providing feedback, I was pretty much forced to run. Which really was my only goal.

Here’s a look into my interactive running game:

1. I posted a poll on my Facebook page, asking friends/fans where I should run. I gave them two options – 3-mile loop around Memorial Park or running up and down my parking garage and stairs for 30 minutes.

The trick here was I gave everyone only 30 minutes to respond, that way I wouldn’t lose steam and could still manage to push my self out the door. As soon as the responses were in, I’d tie my Brooks Pure Flow shoes and take off. The poll semi-backfired because out of 64 votes, about 30 of those were for new options I didn’t post including suggestions of new running trails, a running club, a local CrossFit gym, etc, so it kind of skewed my results.

The awesome part about this? When the founder of Brian O’Neill’s Running Club suggested I head out to his club later that evening, another avid runner saw the post. She had never heard of BON, so I had the easy chance to introduce her to one of my favorite local running clubs. The power of social media and network sharing.

The other awesome part? One of my friends, a much better runner than I, suggested I run around the Bayou, a place I had never really heard of. Once I checked it out, I quickly added it to my list of local places to run. Not a bad FB survey, right?

2. I played a Pandora gamewith the Justin Bieber channel. My game went like this: every time a female artist came on, I had to

The Blonde Side's Interactive Running Game with Justin Bieber

The Blonde Side’s Interactive Running Game with Justin Bieber

pick up the pace and run closer to a 7-minute mile as opposed to my 9-minute regular pace. But the joke was on me – only onemale song came on throughout the course of my 30-minute run. I guess it was a sweaty blessing in disguise. I posted this tidbit of hilarity on Twitter and got a ton of responses from other Pandora miscues. Apparently Biebs sounds more like Carrie Underwood, Ke$ha, and Demi Lovato than any of his male counterparts.

3. Instagrammed a collage of photos with the caption, “where did I run today?” Of course leave it to the blonde to run somewhere other than the 64 votes suggested, but I chose to head to Rice Village (it made more sense traffic-wise at that time of day).

The collage wasn’t entirely recognizable since I went through campus as opposed to staying on the regular runner’s path, but a number of people quickly guessed my spot. The post had over 20 comments and a few were from past Houston residents who had moved away saying how much they missed it here. A few of my followers asked if I was in need of a running buddy, so another plus!

What weird things do you do to help you get through a run?

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The first picture above is from the Nike+ app – I highly recommend it for a multitude of reasons.