Fit Session at lululemon

The Blonde Side's Warm Welcome

The Blonde Side’s Warm Welcome

A few weeks ago I had the awesome opportunity to partake in a fit session at the lululemon at the Houston Galleria. As much as I already knew I loved the brand, I had yet to own a single piece. Perhaps it was the price, which felt a little hefty for clothes I would literally work up an intense sweat in, or the fact I grew up as a Nike chick, but nevertheless, I was invited to try on some pieces and give feedback on their products.

I probably tried on every single piece of women’s clothing at the store – from yoga apparel (I don’t even do yoga), to lounge-around wear, to running products (which were of course my fave). Just in tank tops alone I probably tried on 35 different variations including racerbacks, extra long tanks, racing length tanks, ones with built-in bras, ones without, neon, striped, you name it and I tried it on.

Luckily I’m a sucker for running in tank tops. It’s not that I have ridiculously toned arms like Madonna, it’s just more comfortable for me. I ended up purchasing the First Base Tank, $52, which is made of a lightweight and inherently moisture-wicking Rulu with a four-way stretch that moves with you. Clearly a plus when you’re on the move.

The other great feature that Kelly, the bubbly blonde team leader who was working with me, mentioned were the flat seams that prevented chafing: a must for long-runs. As the website says, “We wouldn’t build a house without laying a strong foundation, and we feel the same way about our winter run outfits. We designed this tank as the first layer to keep us toasty no matter what weather comes our way.” This tank was a clear choice the second I found out it doubled as a base layer, which is perfect for the upcoming snowboarding season.

The Blonde Side's New lululemon Outfit

The Blonde Side’s New lululemon Outfit

Something I had never heard of before was the “anti-stink Micro Diamond Mesh” which is strategically placed in high-sweat areas to keep you so fresh and so clean. It wouldn’t have been a day in the life of The Blonde Side without the ridiculous questions that come out of my mouth when Kelly tried to explain the anti-stink due to the “silver” that was woven in the shirt. “Silver, like my necklace,” I asked pointing to my Texas pendant like a small child. Indeed a blonde moment, but we quickly moved on: pants.

I also fell in love with the wunder under crops, $72 (mostly because they had the garnet color to rep my Florida State roots), but also because of the unparalleled comfort they offered the second I put them on. Although they’re made for yogis (again, not me), I couldn’t resist the purchase thanks in part to the gusset, which is defined as: “Drumroll please: gussets are the unsung heroes in the fight against our infamous foe camel toe. These diamond-and-triangle-shaped pieces of fabric are sewn between the legs for greater freedom of movement and to prevent tight fitting shorts, pants, or crops from riding up.” Yes, a drumroll was in fact necessary for that steadfast and awesome definition. What an invention! I had never heard that such an invention existed to hopefully rid the travesty of camel toes across the world.

The tight fit of the wunder under crops “makes it easy to check alignment and the calf-length leg allows us to hold onto our ankles easily in Dancer pose,” and there’s even a hidden waistband pocket to hide your keys or cards while working out. No wonder these are one of their core items and come in a variety of colors.

My fit session didn’t stop there when it came to pants. Again, I tried on at least 20 different versions, lengths, reversible options all kinds of materials, all designed for different athletic practices. While it was fairly time consuming, it really was worth trying on all the different options. It was clear within seconds what products had the four-way stretch, which is what I needed most for running.

The run speed short, $54, was definitely my favorite purchase. Not only were they ultimately comfortable, they didn’t ride up and they were actually stylish. As someone who takes lunch meetings and boards airplanes in workout gear on the regular, these shorts were taking my fashion status up a notch. Maybe two.

The Blonde Side's lululemon Fit Session

The Blonde Side’s lululemon Fit Session

According to the lulu website, “the fabric is extremely lightweight and moisture wicking to keep us feeling breezy and comfortable during hardcore sweat sessions.” The shorts are also cut to perform with vents at the back for breathability and split legs for freedom of movement. The speed shorts are also chafe resistant with flat seams to help prevent sweaty, sensitive skin from getting irritated, which is another plus for us runners, especially those of us with bigger/muscular thighs. Having already run a 10k in my new speed shorts, I can attest that they will probably fit all sized legs and are worth a try.

All the products at lulu are preshrunk twice so the clothes won’t get smaller – always something to consider when purchasing new clothes, especially workout clothes which get washed 3 times more than other clothing.

After everything, I ended up with four great pieces. Pieces that I’m already obsessed with. Pieces that my boyfriend reminds me that just because they are “anti-stink” doesn’t mean I need to wear them day in and day out. I guess I know what’s on my Christmas list this year! #hinthint

Another positive note I learned during my fit session – for us short gals (I’m barely 5-foot-2), the store offers complimentary hemming.

Lululemon at the Houston Galleria is a very active group of men and women, inspiring us in ways we all need. Be sure to check out their FB page and go to one of their events – I’ll probably see you there!