Owen Daniels

Owen Daniels Plays Football and Loves House Music

Owen Daniels Plays Football and Loves House Music

Owen Daniels: For the Love of House Music

A funny thing happens when you tell a professional athlete that you’re willing to interview him about whatever he wants. Without pressure to talk about a recurring and nagging knee injury, a recent bad play Chris Berman probably called him out on repeatedly, or some negative slant the media is currently overanalyzing, what happens is pretty awesome: they usually loosen up and show a really fun side; sometimes an unexpected one.

That’s what happened when I sat down with Owen Daniels, tight end for the Houston Texans. The 6-foot-3 Naperville, IL native who rocked an awesome dirty blonde side-part and dressed head-to-toe in Jordan was given the green light to talk about whatever his heart desired. His 7-year tenure with the Texans, his recent engagement to a gorgeous Houston attorney, what his chances of a second Pro Bowl are, any riffs on the team, etc, but Daniels chose to gush about his love for house music.

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