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The NFL's Most Beautiful Cheerleader - Lauren (photo via The Fast Show Life)

The NFL’s Most Beautiful Cheerleader – Lauren (photo via The Fast Show Life)

Record setters: 10 Houston Texans cheerleaders make list of 100 Most Beautiful NFL Cheerleaders

Just a few weeks ago the Houston Texans scored another franchise first by having eight players named to the 2013 Pro Bowl set to take place in Hawaii on January 27th. But it’s not just the guys who are setting records this season. What about those beautiful Houston Texans Cheerleaders who strut around Reliant pumping up 70,000-plus fans each home game?

In a recent web feature, the Fast Life Show named the 100 most beautiful NFL cheerleaders — and topping the list? The Texans cheerleaders, of course, with a record setting number of 10 girls in the top 36!

The #babesonparade didn’t just have eight girls hit the list, they had 10 thanks to their two sets of gorgeous twins, and they claimed the #1 spot in all the NFL.

Impressed yet?

“With our program we try to be the best and to see someone else recognize us without solicitation from us, that’s huge – that’s approval and acceptance of our program. It makes me happy to see that others see our hard work,” says Alto Gary, who has remained the only cheerleader coach in the 10-year history of the team.

“Yes, we want the best dancers, but you need to look a certain part too. Being from Texas, you have to represent. Texas has this stereotype of having hot women, so we wanted to show that with our team.”

Hard work and dedication

But it isn’t just fans and websites like The Fast Life that have taken notice of the HTC.

Pro Bowler and fifth-year Texan veteran Duane Brown also sees the important role these women play and appreciates their hard work and dedication.

“I think hands down we have the best cheerleaders in the NFL and possibly in sports. They are absolutely gorgeous and great people as well. During events where I’ve had the chance to interact with them, they were very kind and all had great personalities,” Brown says.

“They work very well with kids and fans of all ages. On Sundays, they are filled with great energy and help get the crowd at Reliant rocking which helps us players perform well. I’m very proud of them, this recognition is well deserved.”

The HTC’s who topped this list (and their response to being selected):

#36 Liliana @HTC_Liliana

“Seeing myself in the top 100 was definitely unexpected. It’s exciting to see the amount of exposure HTC has received recently, and I’m just very fortunate to have been one of the eight to represent our organization.”

HTC Cheerleader, Kelli (photo via The Fast Show Life)

#29 Sarah @HTC_Sarah

“I was completely surprised to have made the list! It’s such an honor to be named among these beautiful women.”

#24 Kelli @HTC_Kelli

“I was astonished and honored to be included in the elite, professional Top 100 most beautiful! I felt blessed beyond belief as I know how hard each NFL Cheerleader works on physique & beauty. We strive for perfection with our God given beauty & to be recognized for such is truly an honor!”

#20 Danielle @HTC_Danielle

“When I first got word that I made Fastlife Top 100 from my fellow teammate #36 Liliana, I could NOT believe it. I said are you sure its me?! It’s such a blessing to be apart of a great organization and to be in the top 100 most beautiful girls in the NFL along with my other teammates. There are no words for it. I’m so proud of my teammates who made the list as well. And all of us being in the TOP 40, that is unbelievable! #GO TEXANS #babesonparade”

#15 Michelle and Rachel @HTC_MichRach

“We were very flattered when we learned that we are a part of this list. The list is posted in descending order, so we were kind of caught in a moment of suspense as we were scrolling through the list wondering ‘what number are we!!’.”

#13 Kayla @HTC_Kayla

“It was an honor to be selected in the top 100! I was shocked to be number 13 out of so many beautiful girls! We have a beautiful team this year and it was neat to see a lot of our team on the list!”

Dresdynn and Schuyler (photo via The Fast Life Show)

#7 Dresdynn and Schuyler @HTC_DresSchuy

“We were so flattered and thrilled to be #7. When we found out we were so happy!”

And drumroll please...

The #1 spot goes to the rookie Lauren L.

“When finding out I made the #1 Most Beautiful Cheerleader in the NFL I was just astonished. I feel absolutely blessed and thankful!” says Lauren of her top spot.

“Having a rookie voted at #1 – that was exciting. I call her my beach bunny girl. She’s a sweet person, and definitely has the inner personality that is representative of the Texans,” Alto says.

Credit to the coach

While much of the credit goes to these beautiful women who made the NFL’s Most Beautiful list, a large part should go to Gary as well. She had her job cut out for her starting back in April of last year while selecting the squad of 32 out of nearly 1,000 girls.

“It starts at tryouts, when a rookie comes on, seeing if she has good bone structure, etc. I have to keep the Texans organization in consideration when choosing the girls as they’re a classy classic look,” Gary explains.

As for keeping up appearances, the girls are given a little help in that department. “We do give an allotment of $150 per month/per girl that they can use at salons for hair and product. We do require them to have their nails done because they are so close to the fans. People always ask if I have a weight requirement, but I always ask ‘do you look good in your uniform?’ and that’s all I care about,” says Gary.

“People always ask if I have a weight requirement, but I always ask ‘do you look good in your uniform?’ and that’s all I care about,” says head cheerleaders coach Alto Gary.

One thing she is a stickler about? Having the girls don a bright red lipstick for game day. “Red is our team color and the girls always fight me on that,” she laughs.

But the list of accolades doesn’t just stop there for the Texan Cheer bombshells. CNBC just named HTC one of the 10 best 2013 squad’s in the NFL(coming in at #6).

HTC Twins Michelle and Rachel (photo via The Fast Show Life)

The success of this team goes far beyond impressive dance moves and the ability to rock such a small and revealing uniform. The ladies know how to interact with their fans, especially when it comes to social media.

Engaging social media

According to @NFLCheerRT on Twitter, a hub for for everything cheerleaders, @TexansCheer is full of “genius marketing” and now has more Twitter followers (currently at 74,232) than two NFL teams (Arizona Cardinals and Jacksonville Jaquars), five MLB teams (Miami Marlins, Arizona Diamondbacks, San Diego Padres, Houston Astros and Colorado Rockies), and five NHL teams (Carolina Hurricanes, Columbus Blue Jackets, Phoenix Coyotes, Florida Panthers and New York Islanders).

Knowing how to engage their fans on the field and on social media is something the HTC are doing better than any of the other NFL Cheerleaders out there as well, including the Dallas Cowboys Cheerleaders, @dccheerleaders, by tens of thousands. (DC Cheerleaders currently have 47,851 followers).

To put their popularity in perspective, the Texans Cheer account has two times as many followers as Redskins phenom rookie RB Alfred Morris. Even a national sports show took the time to mention the Tweeting Texans Cheerleaders, while semi-bashing the guys on the field.

Congratulations to these beautiful women on their superior recognition and to the entire Houston Texans organization for an already record setting season. Here’s to a big-time W against Andy Dalton and those Bengals on Saturday, and hopefully advancing further into the playoffs on their road to New Orleans on February 3.

[@TexansCheer stats and comparisons courtesy of @NFLCheerRT]

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