The Blonde Side Makes Front Cover of HERE Houston Magazine

The Blonde Side’s Cover Story on HERE Houston Magazine

This piece went to over 60,000 homes in and around Houston in print and was accompanied by an online version. By Kim Hogstrom

Cover Story: ‘The Blonde Side’ blog scores with local sports fans

Houston’s Jayme Lamm is one-of-a-kind.

The diminutive blonde’s stature offers no hint to this sports blogger’s knowledge, passion and voice on the matter of all things sports. From cheerleaders to charities, football games and stadium stats, to intimate interviews with players, if it’s sports, Jayme knows it well and writes about it equally well.

The outgoing Lamm was herself an athlete stating at age five “popping wheelies to catch a boy’s eye,” she remembers. Her early career included a stint in professional sports in the areas of public relations and marketing. However, Lamm’s strong “views,” and brand of “enthusiasm” were not met with much joy by the industry, so she launched her blog,, in January 2010 and readers can’t seem to get enough of it. Now, she says, she works only for The Blonde Side, laughing with apparent satisfaction at the thought.

“I have a lot to say; I am very opinionated,” Lamm stated proudly, “but I wasn’t sure who was going to read The Blonde Side when I started it. You might think that my readers are all women, but only about 40 percent are women. About 60 percent are men. I think the reason anyone reads it stems from the fact that I am genuine and authentic. I am also goofy and laugh at myself. And I am not a know-it-all when it comes to sports. I am not afraid to make a mistake,” she stated, “and I do make mistakes.”

A quick review of the The Blonde Side blog reveals a reader-friendly style chocked full of entertainment, and content that would seduce the least sports-minded among us to return – again and again. Football, baseball, soccer — every sport that includes competition, it’s all there. In short, the blog is full of insight and fun, just like Lamm.

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