Houston Modern Luxury Magazine: The Write Stuff featuring The Blonde Side

Houston Modern Luxury April 2013 Men’s Issue

Nick Esquer with Houston Modern Luxury profiled three of Houston’s “prettiest and wittiest sportswriters” and The Blonde Side was one of the lucky ones featured in this story in the April 2013 Men’s Issue. If you’re lucky enough to get one of the glossy mags around Houston, turn to page 60-63.

Wearing a Miami Heat T-shirt and a blonde ponytail for coffee, Wisconsin-born sports blogger Jayme Lamm, 31, demonstrates her effortlessly breezy look. And her sense of loyalty. “I get a lot of guff from Rockets fans here because I’m all for the Heat,” she explains.

But this is certainly a woman who can take guff. She’s not only an athlete in her own right, having learned about sports through her own bumps and bruises, sustaining a variety of sports-related injuries, including a complete shoulder replacement and multiple knee surgeries. (“You really start to appreciate what these guys go through,” she says.) She’s also a survivor of the ill-fated Carnival Triumph cruise that suffered an engine room fire in February, stranding the vessel, and all passengers onboard, at sea.

The Blonde Side featured in Houston Modern Luxury’s April 2013 “The Write Stuff”

Lamm worked for five years in sports public relations, including a stint with the Astros, before she realized that an office job wasn’t the best place to be artistic. “I had to get out of such a uniformed environment,” she says. A die-hard sports buff, she powered up her computer and got to blogging.

Her blog, The Blonde Side (theblondeside.com), a far-ranging project on which the petite scribe holds forth on

everything from basketball stars to cheerleading, hit the web in January of 2010­—and has recently seen a larger following, and opened up freelance writing gigs at major media outlets. Catching the attention of magazine editors, Lamm has landed writing opportunities for Women’s Health and ESPN online, including items on Roger Clemens and Jeremy Lin.

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Photos by Laurie Perez and hair and makeup by FaceForward Weddings.