OKC Thunder Cheerleader, Kelsey Williams, Under Attack

Thanks to my FB page, earlier this week someone posted a link to a story that broke on The Daily Mail, asking my thoughts.

The accompanying message to her post said: “Did you see this? UGH! Why can’t women in the industry support each other? Disheartening.” And linked to this article where a Houston (go figure!) sportswriter called an OKC Thunder cheerleader “chunky” noting her “pudgy waistline.”

The original article even has a poll that asks people, the general and super mean public, to vote with one of the options being: “She has no business wearing that outfit in front of people.” To me, that’s the worst part.

Let me be very clear: I am not the nicest person. I say dumb and unedited things A LOT, most of the time wishing I had a filter or the ability to retract those statements. I’ve written things I wish I could take back. I’ve taken sarcasm to levels far beyond necessary multiple times. I can’t dance to save my life, as in, I have ZERO rhythm. I have an extreme adoration for cupcakes and Veuve champagne and I too, have a pudgy waistline. (Never has this last statement been more clear than the past month I’ve spent in Hawaii lounging around in bikinis all day everyday watching these tiny-waisted locals surf, skate, skin-board, bike, or run on by.)

Some of my BEST articles have been about professional cheerleaders/dancers in the NFL and MLS and I know how hard these women work to keep their bodies in shape and smiles on their faces even in some of the toughest times.

This Houston writer should have been much more understanding of women’s body issues before writing this, but here’s my kicker:

This is the blogger who picked apart another gal’s appearance.

Shame on her for MULTIPLE reasons, but Anna-Megan Raley calling anyone less than pretty is the equivalent to Tori Spelling picking on Reese Witherspoon’s acting resume – we’ll just leave it at that.

(See what I did there? There went a Lifetime Movie reference…)

Anyways, this post probably isn’t nice either, and I’m not trying to stir any pots as there’s already enough drama in the Houston sports media world, but the picture to the right is the blogger who made fun of the cheerleader. Just proof none of us should make fun of the other. We’ve all had chubby or “pudgy” days, we’ve all worn something and looked back on the outfit in pain and I look hammered in most of my photos. I will say that Raley’s past work has been pretty good, let’s just hope this blogger blooper doesn’t keep her from doing the job she’s still probably pretty qualified for.

Also, WHEN did being a sportswriter result in an “article” at only 151 words? I write longer texts to boys. By no means am I perfect, but if we’re talking about where there’s too much or not enough MEAT, it’s in your ARTICLE, not her midsection.

The cheerleader in question is taking the high road, as she should, posting this message on her Twitter account just a few days ago: “To be womanly always, discouraged never,” which should be a testament to women everywhere.

And lastly, it’s not the 1800’s anymore (nor are you Mark Twain I might add), or maybe I’m just too vain of a person, but who uses pen names anymore? Unless you’re getting paid beaucoup bucks to write for someone else (I’m looking at YOU whoever is writing Lauren Conrad’s books) or you’re seriously embarrassed for people to know what you really think…oh wait…that’s it isn’t it?

And next time I say something mean about someone else (unless they are on the Dallas Cowboys roster), please remind me of my own rant. In all honesty, we all go that extra mile to drive web traffic, but none of us, myself included, are better than anyone else. Unless you’re A.J. McCarron’s girlfriend because she’s better than pretty much all of us.

Note, this story about the unwarranted criticism from Raley or Crawford or whatever her name is, even made US Weekly, and Good Morning America. As a writer looking for fame and your byline in new places, something tells me this wasn’t on her hit list.

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