LeBron #NoHeadband

LeBron #NoHeadband

Twitter does this funny thing during a big sporting event – it goes off, even when Chris Bosh doesn’t. There are many times Twitter and their beloved hashtags become more entertaining than the game itself. If last night wasn’t such a H-U-G-E comeback for the Heat in Game 6, Twitter and the #NoHeadband trend would have had my full attention.

LeBron losing his headband in the 4th quarter had the same effect a wardrobe change at a strip club does – it changes the game entirely. Losing that headband coincided exactly with the Heat turning around the subpar game of basketball they had been playing the previous three quarters. Or maybe it was also the yellow rope the arena crew was sectioning off in preparation for the inevitable Spurs postgame NBA Finals trophy presentation.

After two back-to-back postgame press conference questions fervently asking The King “about the play you lost your headband,” and SportsCenter noting that by 1am, there were 107 fake LeBron headband Twitter accounts, the headband thing took on a life of its own.

User @brendanohare hit the scenario head-on (no pun intended) with this tweet:

Imagine being someone who doesn’t follow sports and trying to figure out the connection between basketball and headbands right now—
Brendan O’Hare (@brendohare) June 19, 2013

We’re all still speculating and ramming our own recommendations down Twitter’s throat wondering if LeBron does in fact goes sans headband tomorrow night for the final game of the season, the same game ESPN says are the best two words in sports: Game 7.

For now, here are some of the funniest LeBron Headband tweets I saw floating around those crazy interwebs:

Racking up another triple-double and forcing winner takes all Game 7, Heat fans all across the country are pretty damn happy that headband was MIA.

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