red, white, blue & lulu

The Blonde Side in lululemon in South Lake Tahoe

The Blonde Side in lululemon in South Lake Tahoe

Red, White and Blue, look at all my new lulu! (I’m a rhymer too!)

As I started this post and was about to say there’s nothing that screams Team America more than red, white and blue workout gear from lululemon, I retracted that statement, as lulu is based out of Canada.

But nothing says you love the home team like sporting the patriotic colors red, white and blue, especially with the 4th of July fast approaching.

Items pictured to the left and why I love them:

In the Flow Crop: I’ll be the first to admit it – these pants look weird before you put them on. Because they’re made without leg seams (to avoid chaffing), the bottom of the pants bell out, but it creates the perfect fit once you put them on. They are considered “no fuss crops,” and I couldn’t agree more. They are basically an extension of your skin, and so comfortable. They also have the gusset to prevent cameltoes and that’s a huge win for mankind.

Price tag: $78

Forme Jacket: Made out of lulu’s signature fabric, luon, this jacket has a four-way stretch and is great for running or yoga and it super easy to layer, thanks to the thumbholes. There are vents under the armpits to help air those bad boys out and it’s a great all around jacket for pretty much any activity. #formejacket

Price tag: $108

red, white and blue lulu

red, white and blue lulu

RUN: Featherweight Singlet (in red): Perhaps one of the cutest/most flattering lululemon tanks I’ve ever put on. Not yet online (at least not that I can find), this loose tank is perfect for a hot run or even a night out. Seriously, it’s that cute, and I’ve been known to wear workout gear to a bar or dinner with friends. The tank has mesh panels for ventilation which is perfect for that Houston summer heat I live in. And the slit up the back middle is super sexy, whether running or just hanging out.

Price tag: $68

Items pictured to the right and why I love them:

RUN: Speed Short (in white): If you’ve ever seen my Instagram photos, you know how much I love these shorts and how often I wear them. If these shorts weren’t so great, I’d almost be embarrassed to wear them so often. To note, these shorts are great for us gals with bigger thighs full of muscle. Thanks to the “inherently wicking liner,” the shorts stay comfortably in place, which is great for running and other activities. Also, the white color looks great on tanned legs and perfect for the summer!

Price tag: $54

RUN: Swiftly Scoop SS Tech (in purple/blue): I couldn’t find the exact shirt online (the Swiftly Scoop is a popular shirt for lulu), but this is the new scoop neck in a short sleeve version. Here’s the kicker for this amazing shirt: it is anti-stink. Yup, you heard me. So next time you see me wearing this shirt two days in a row, it’s because of the X-STATIC fibers that actually inhibit the growth of odor-causing bacteria in the shirt. WINNING | NOT STINKING.

Price tag: $58

Energy Bra (in red): This is a light support bra for yoga, that is designed for the C and D cup yogis out there with medium coverage. For me, it’s a great sports bra for running, because my girls don’t move too much, if you know what I mean. There are also removable pads in the bra. Note, most sports bras at lululemon seem to run small, so be sure to go in and try them on.

Price tag: $48

Cool Rackerback (in red): I have this tank in about every color, but the red is definitely my favorite for the upcoming 4th of July! This is a versatile, multisport racerback made with a four-way stretch fabric that is breathable (luon). The tank features flat seems for chafe-resistance and comfort. Good for just about anything and comes in just about every color.

Price tag: $42

*Note, not all red, white and blues will be available online, you may have to check the awesome store near you.

Enjoy #thesweatlife everyone!