Playboy Fantasy Baseball Challenge

Win a Trip to the Playboy Mansion by Playing Fantasy Baseball

Win a Trip to the Playboy Mansion by Playing Fantasy Baseball

Dreams can come true: Win a trip to the Playboy Mansion by Playing Fantasy Baseball

Seriously, what if we said you could pretend to be the GM of a MLB baseball team and draft your very own starting lineup? And what if that winning lineup got you an invite to the Playboy Mansion, velour robe and all? Oh, and a cool $75k? You’d think we were crazy, right? But crazier things have happened. Like someone naming their baby North West.

Turns out, dreams really do come true. StarStreet will give you a budget of $100k (play money of course) to build your very own glorious fantasy baseball team for one day. In true fantasy form, every player is priced based on what they’re expected to do, and you create your starting lineup.

From there, you can enter that team into tournaments ranging from big prize pools to head-to-head games. To make it more of the real deal, fantasy players can deposit money into their accounts via PayPal or credit/debit card so you’re playing for real money and can withdraw your winnings (with no fees) through PayPal or by requesting a check. You’re free to edit your teams up until game time, watch the live scoring on StarStreet’s slick interface and, at the end of the night, whoever has the most fantasy points wins the game and the prize money associated with it.

Photo via COED Magazine

Photo via COED Magazine

To be part of the Playboy Fantasy Baseball Championship is also pretty easy. StarStreet is hosting 40 qualifiers over the course of the season (don’t panic, you still have some time).

The qualifiers range in buy-in levels, and there are free contests EVERY DAY where you can win yourself a free qualifier ticket. Unlike traditional (read: old school) fantasy leagues, those on StarStreet are daily contests, so you can join when you want and/or play as often as you wish. The winner of each qualifier gets a ticket to the championship and get ready for it: THE CHAMPIONSHIP IS HOSTED AT THE PLAYBOY MANSION.

For specific questions about this contest, visit the StarStreet website or email them directly and good luck!

COED Magazine (nor The Blonde Side) has nothing to do with this contest; we’re just trying to help your dreams come true. If those dreams include winning large sums of money and hanging with Playmates, of course.

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