Ruby & The Blonde Side

Ruby & The Blonde Side

This one time I went running with a dog.

That was the last time I went running with a dog.

Her name is Ruby, and she’s a golden retriever and lab mix. She’s cute, but still a puppy. I should remind you I have a 23lb teacup chihuahua, so running with a dog is not really my thing. For obvious reasons. I’m not sure if my pup is 23lbs because I choose not to run with him or if I choose not to run with him because he’s 23lbs. But that’s neither here nor there.

Ruby’s owner, Sally, said she’s “good to run with,” so naturally I took her word for it. Here’s what good ole Sally forgot to mention:

1. Dogs (not unlike humans) poop when they run. Thankfully Sally had a poop bag tied to the leash, but when I went to pick it up pushing my hand through one side, there were holes in the bag (yup, visual). And there were six construction workers standing by staring at me. That was awkward for multiple reasons. Oh, and there wasn’t a trashcan to be found anywhere.

2. As a puppy, Ruby liked to bite her leash, pulling it away from me, thinking it was a game. I’m not the best runner to start with so all my focus needs to be on actually running, not an animal. This in turn, shortened the leash, making it an awkward length between the two of us causing me to stutter-step behind her. Perhaps ideal for cross-training, but nothing else.

3. Running on the bike path in South Lake Tahoe, it never failed that when a bike passed in either direction, Ruby tried to chase it. The same went with squirrels, leaves, trash, and so on. I guess the bonus here was that my pace was quickened against my will.

4. We ran across a homeless man laying in the bushes and in true Lassie form, Ruby ran over to him, before I had even noticed there was in fact a human on the ground. I’m not sure who was more frightened by this act, him or me, but it surely wasn’t Ruby.

Ruby's clearly in charge here

Ruby’s clearly in charge here

5. If there is anything, I mean anything, interesting on the ground (say like a half eaten apple), Ruby will swiftly veer to one side pulling you along just to eat it, without warning.

[Today’s running accessories: I ran in my favorite New Balance 1400s, my lululemon speed shorts & my #nolimits tank, listened to the “No Doubt Radio” station on Pandora to kick it old school, ran a 8.3mph pace and finished 1.75 miles using the Nike+ running app before promptly returning the animal back home. Ruby however made a bigger mess drinking her water when we got home though. Go figure…]

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