The BEST Summer Reading

Perfect summer reading in Hawaii (or anywhere)

Perfect summer reading in Hawaii (or anywhere)

As a writer, there’s this feeling deep down in my being that makes me feel a pang of guilt when I sit down to read. Why? Because I’m a writer and 9 times out of 10, I feel I can write better stuff than the junk I’m reading. But like all things in life, there’s always an exception to that rule.

The exception to this rule comes in the form of Drink, Play, F@#k, written by the ever-so-funny Andrew Gottlieb.

As some of you know, I spent the past three months on the North Shore of Oahu, writing my very own book. In the early stages of my trip, I ran across this book (how I ran across this book is actually pretty funny, but I shall save that for a rainy day because it involves a douchebag ex-boyfriend).

Gottlieb’s book was a reminder that we can lay it all out on the line, even if that means you’re opening up doors for people to judge you. That’s just the name of the game at this point, and my book will most definitely align the stars for judgement to be cast upon me in many directions.

The gist of the book is a year-long sabbatical this guy takes after his nagging and good-for-nothing wife cheats on him and leaves him for another man. In search of trying new things and sort of replaying the “what if” card, Bob Sullivan visits Ireland to Drink, Las Vegas to Play, and Thailand to F@#K and then lives to tell about it all.

When my book finally does come out (any publishers out there want to talk!?), it will be very similar to this format, minus the whole divorce gone wild thing. The language is slightly foul and crude, but Sullivan captivates you early on and makes you wish you too had the balls to do what he’s doing. Thankfully, I found my Lady Balls not too long ago and am on this same sabbatical.

Check out this book on Amazon now.

Seriously though, publishers who aren’t afraid of a funny gal with a limited filter, let’s talk.