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MNF in San Diego

MNF: Texans at Chargers (Photo by CatchLight Group)

MNF: Texans at Chargers (Photo by CatchLight Group)

One of the best parts (ok, it’s THE best part) about writing The Blonde Side is that I go get to go to some of the best games the NFL has to offer. Last week, I was lucky enough to head to beautiful San Diego and catch the Houston Texans beat (barely) the San Diego Chargers.

Thanks to some great friends and business contacts, we got sideline passes. For my first time at Qualcomm Stadium, this was quite the perfect experience!

To top it off (besides the win and the cold Bud Light, of course), one of my favorite photographers, Michelle Watson of CatchLight Group was also in San Diego snapping great photos for Culture Map. I’ve been lucky enough to work with Michelle on some amazing assignments here in Houston, so it was great seeing her on the field. AND she snapped some great photos, like the one above.

Check The Blonde Side’s FB page to see all the other photos she got!