lulu goes business casual?

lululemon goes business casual

lululemon goes business casual

Yes sir (ma’am), you read that right.

The popular lululemon brand, known in the past for yoga and running clothes, has now added a line of business casual clothes (still with tons of functionality), called Urbanite.

While I’m still a B-I-G fan of the comfortable workout gear (which admittedly I wear entirely too much of and have in every shade of neon) for running and traveling, the new line is actually pretty cool. I wasn’t sold at first glance, not by a long shot.

My first thought was, lulu selling work clothes? yeah right.

Then I remembered how every time I have a work event, whether it’s on the field interviewing players or heading into a meeting, how I desperately wish I could throw on some neon wunder unders, a low-cut tank and get business done. Obviously that’s a no-go. You can’t walk onto an NFL field in tights. At least you shouldn’t. Ever.

And the driving force behind wanting to wear this gear all the time is of course the comfort factor. I love to be comfortable. It’s my thing. Maybe that means I’m getting old? So imagine your favorite comfortable clothing line coming out with some business casual attire with the same comfort level? Pretty amazing to think about, right? Right.

In this picture, at the lulu store at the Houston Galleria, I’m wearing the Uranite Pant (currently sold out online, so go check your local store ASAP), which sells for $128 and the Urbanite Shirt in white, which sells for $108.

The pants are made of a breathable fabric, Teque St, with a four-way stretch for comfort and are very similar in look and feel to your favorite skinny jeans. You can roll up the cuffs if you’re a shorty like me, or take advantage of lulu’s free hemming services available at the store. As for the pants, most people (myself included) needed to go up a size, so be sure to try them on.

lulu staff helping dress me in the new Urbanite wear

lulu staff helping dress me in the new Urbanite wear

The shirt comes with this saying, which I love: It’s business up front and party in the back for this shirt. Like most lulu pieces, there are extra functionality aspects, including the ability to undo the shaped hem in the back for extra movement, and it’s made from a moisture-wicking fabric that won’t wrinkle (hello new favorite travel shirt!).

And of course, on my dome I’m rocking the charming twist headband in navy and white ($12) for a little extra flair.

What’s the lesson we learned today folks? We already know not to judge a book by its cover, so don’t judge an outfit by the hanger, deal?