KIND bars

KIND bars

As a sports and travel writer, I’m always on the go. Sometimes that means I forget to eat, or I eat at totally random and inconvenient times. I’m an athlete and always training for something, so not eating means one thing = grumpy blonde.

And no one likes grumpy blondes.

Recently I was turned on to KIND bars, and when I say turned on, I mean it in a serious way.

There are over 22 varieties to choose from (my absolute fave is the peanut butter and strawberry), and they also have 6 Healthy Grains snackable clusters that are just as tasty.

I love KIND Snacks for many reasons:

1. They actually taste great. I wouldn’t lie about food, trust me.

2. They have ingredients you can pronounce, which in today’s world, is a huge plus.

3. They are convenient to keep on hand when you really need a snack. I keep at least one in my laptop bag (as long as it’s not chocolate, it won’t melt in this Texas heat), it’s small enough to keep in my fanny pack when I’m hiking through my favorite places in Colorado or Jackson Hole (yes, I do in fact wear a fanny pack), you can eat it while driving without being a danger to others on the road, and it’s easy to eat on planes in case I forget to eat in the midst of rushing to and through an airport.

4. The branding. I’ve said this before – I’m a sucker for good branding. Advertising was my major in college, so I really love a good brand. Seriously, just go peruse their website and you’ll see. That’s where I pulled this awesome Henry James quote from (and there are others).

Henry James quote

Henry James quote

5. Along with branding, they have this #KINDAwesome hashtag they are splashing around on social media. Don’t believe me? Check out the Do The Kind Thing tab on their website and see for yourself…things like helping a firefighter rebuild his home.

All around, this brand is amazing. No, I don’t work for the company or get paid to write this, but stay tuned, I hope to be hosting a contest for The Blonde Side readers very soon. For now, just go check out their website or reach out to them on Twitter and use the #KINDAwesome – talk about your favorite NFL play from this week or what your favorite non-profit is doing in your area.

(Oh, and I’m not the only one loving KIND snacks – NFL guys like Tony Gonzalez, Colin Kapernick and Tim Jennings are big fans too.)