Sports Uncensored on Fox26

Sports Uncensored on Fox26

The Blonde Side is pumped to announce a new sports segment on Fox26 here in Houston. The show airs every Thursday during the 5pm news hour. Here is the link on the Fox website to see all the past Sports Uncensored segments.

Remember, The Blonde Side has ZERO training for on-camera stuff, so try to hold your judgement just a tiny bit. Please.

Do you have ideas for future segments? Email us: jayme[at]theblondeside[com] – we always love feedback.

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  1. Regina Tamille
    Regina Tamille says:

    Your spot today on Matt Schubert was very inspiring. I agree 100%! Maybe we should hold a type of church service to touch on your points a bit for the ungrateful and disrespectful people that need a lesson on what a fan is. I’ve searched for you on twitter but was unsuccessful. Please say that there is one… Thanks in advance.

  2. NicoleA.
    NicoleA. says:

    I really liked your segment today and am glad someone else could say what I have also been thinking.

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