Every Run10Feed10 Registration gets this FEED bag

Every Run10Feed10 Registration gets this FEED bag

As part of being selected a Women’s Health Action Hero, I’m charged with putting together an informal & friendly 10k, right here in Houston, TX. This particular 10k will not be a large/timed event, it will be pretty much the opposite, but fun and for a good cause!

On Saturday, October 26th at 10a, a handful of us are meeting at Memorial Park to run two laps (a 10k!). You can sprint, jog, walk, bring your dog, your baby stroller, come hungover, anything goes.

The race is part of the Run10Feed10 Series with Women’s Health – the cost is $28 to register – BUT you get an awesome FEED canvas bag (like the celebs carry around and pictured above), koozies from The Blonde Side & Bud Light, AND the best part: your registration fee AUTOMATICALLY feeds 10 people RIGHT HERE in Houston. So your donation to run this awesome morning stays right here in our city, which is awesome.

To sign up for the 10k:
1. Go to Run10Feed10.com
2. Top of page, click Run Registration, in the drop down menu, select Run My Own 10k
3. Once you sign up, please send me an email (jayme@theblondeside.com) so I can keep in touch with you in case of any changes

To donate:
If you can’t run, don’t want to run, aren’t in town, etc. but still want to donate a few bucks to the cause, I would GREATLY appreciate it. I will be doing a blog post on The Blonde Side about this event and anyone (or business) who donates $40 or more will get a huge shout-out from me. My goal is to raise $2000, so your help is greatly appreciated.

Help Fight Hunger in Houston

Help Fight Hunger in Houston

My Goals:

40 runners & $2000

Share with friends:
Even if you can’t run the event or don’t have extra cash to donate right now, you can still help by sharing this blog post and encouraging your friends, co-workers, parents, even your company to join the 10k or donate to this worthy cause.

As always:
Thank you for supporting The Blonde Side and our charity efforts.  I am beyond honored to be selected as a Women’s Health Action Hero for two years in a row. Only a handful of amazing women get this opportunity and I want to make the most of it.

Also, I’m happy to be back in Houston full-time’ish and looking forward to re-catching up with many of y’all!

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