Texans Positives

This time Matt Schaub wasn't to blame (AP Photo/David J. Phillip)

This time Matt Schaub wasn’t to blame (AP Photo/David J. Phillip)

It’s simple: you can’t blame Sunday’s performance on Matt Schaub. Not this time. He can’t be your scapegoat. I realize the guy in the pocket needs to be a leader, and right now, Schaub can’t be that leader, but there are A TON of other guys not only suited to be the leader for this Texans team, but want to lead it.

So what is the problem? I have tried to avoid social media and talk radio and Sportscenter and everywhere else the Texans are a huge focus. It’s just getting old.

But what’s really getting old are the uneducated fans out there saying stuff that doesn’t even make sense. Lets tank the rest of the reason to hopefully get a #1 draft pick? Where did you learn about NFL? Or did you not? It is still only WEEK SIX, and yes, four losses back-to-back-to-back are going to be hard to overcome, for anyone. As Andre Johnson said in Sunday’s postgame press conference – there are 10 games left. They need to find a way to win these 10 games.

It’s not pretty but it ain’t over. And gosh, has a team ever needed a bye week (not coming until Week 8) as desperately as

Gary Kubiak: The Leaky Faucet (Photo by Chris McGrath/Getty Images)

Gary Kubiak: The Leaky Faucet (Photo by Chris McGrath/Getty Images)

Houston needs it now? After all, we are still the reigning AFC South champs – that has to count for something right?

Kubiak acknowledged after the loss that the team “sprung leaks everywhere,” but I’m wondering if he considered himself a leaky faucet like many others do? All this talk of Kubiak being too conservative and he rolls out onto Reliant even more conservative than before?

Houston isn’t just losing, they are getting blown out. Every sports media person around has utilized their Thesaurus to find a new way to say “embarrassing.” On Sunday, the Texans were outcoached and outplayed, so there again, what is the actual problem? The Rams scored touchdowns on offense, defense and special teams.

Many of y’all thought TJ Yates was the answer, and immediately (his 5th play of the game to be exact) he catches the Pick-Six virus that’s been going around.

For starters, 95 yards of penalties is no bueno. Especially when those were just in the first half. In comparison, according to teamrankings.com, the team with the highest average number of penalty yards per game is Tampa Bay with 82.6. Sunday the Texans had 10+ yards more than the highest average in the league. (Overall for 2013, the Texans have the second highest with 76.5 penalty yards per game.)

Turnovers: It’s no secret you can’t win a game with turnovers, plain and simple. Muffed kickoff returns have been a thorn in our side for almost an entire year. That part of the game needs to shape up. Not only turning the ball over on offense, but we aren’t forcing turnovers on the other side of the ball, which is equally important.

J.J. Watt and the Defense need to step it up

J.J. Watt and the Defense need to step it up

I love J.J. Watt, Brian Cushing and all the other defensive guys just as much as all of you, but there’s an issue there as well. A big one. The Texans came into Sunday’s game ranked 29th against the run – to put that in perspective, last year the team ranked 7th. Quite a discrepancy and no wonder we heard Zac Stacy’s name over and over the loudspeaker at Reliant. I have faith in Wade Phillips just as I do the entire defense, rest assured they are making changes this week.

Last year the Texans gave up 28 sacks all year over the span of 16 games. Already this season, Texans quarterbacks have been sacked 17 times in just six weeks. Our quarterbacks are being rushed and not getting the protection they need. We’re not as bad as Oakland who has allowed 28 sacks on their quarterback this year already, but the Texans are 23rd in the league for the offensive line allowing sacks.

And while the team is still getting a bad rap and national attention for their play on the field, add to it another week Texans fans are getting an even worse rap thanks to some ill-mannered fans who clearly CHEERED when Schaub went down with any injury. Here’s what J.J. Watt had to say about it: That’s a pretty tough life if you’re cheering for somebody else to get injured.

I couldn’t agree more.

I’m obviously not your mother so I can’t tell you how to act in public (you should know that already), but if you’ve ever played sports or you were a “real” fan of the game being played and the hard work and dedication that goes into it, you wouldn’t dare EVER cheer for ANY injury. Not even on the other team.

Most of y’all know I adamantly can’t stand the Cowboys or Tim Tebow, but I would never stoop to that level to hope for or cheer an injury. So I’ll leave you with that this week.

Sunday doesn’t look any easier, headed to KC to take on the 6-0 Chiefs. Lets hope Kubiak can pull a rabbit out of his hat.