Women’s Events: New Playing Field

Dorcey Kuti (and female fans) at "Game Day Girls Way" Texans Watch Party

Dorcey Kuti (and female fans) at “Game Day Girls Way” Texans Watch Party

I was recently approached by a group of amazingly avid Texans fans inviting me to one of their “Game Day Girls Way” watch parties. Ok, you have my attention.

Although I’ve yet to make one of their events due to timing, I found some time to interview the group to share it with the readers of The Blonde Side.

Here’s a look into my interview with the ladies of The Social Chix Collective (TSCC):

TBS: When, why and how was this group founded?

TSCC: Founded in 2009, The Social Chix Collective is a professional alliance initiative developed by PR entrepreneurs Kelly King, Dorcey Kuti and myself to promote the growth of public relations professionals through building business relationships and partnerships. We created our business alliance out of mutual respect for each other’s work ethic, recognition that we are much more powerful with the support of one another, and a desire to work on projects that are bigger than any one of us individually.

“Game Day Girls Way” is one of our women’s initiative designed to raise awareness of the influential female presence in what is known as the male-dominated sports world and in the general market. Women influence well over 85% of purchases made throughout the world. As PR and Marketing minds, we thought that was amazing! We want to send a message through Game Day Girls’ Way that in all areas, even sports, women are the influencers; we drive trends and shape our communities.

TBS: How many women in the group? How did you get the word out in this big ole city of Houston?

TSCC: It’s just three of us. One of the really cool things about it being just us is that we each can use the projects we work on together as a platform to raise awareness of our individual companies and projects we support on our own. Simultaneously, we are also garnering attention for The Social Chix as well. Through our partnership and the projects that we take on as a group, we hope to encourage other women to build alliances with women within their networks too. We brand The Social Chix Collective by developing cool initiatives like Game Day Girls Way.

The Social Cix: Dorcey Kuti, Marjorie Sheriff & Kelly King

The Social Cix: Dorcey Kuti, Marjorie Sheriff & Kelly King

TBS: I gotta ask, what is the dress code? Must you come blinged out in Texans wear?

TSCC: There is no dress code for the Game Day Girls’ Way “Watch Parties”– we encourage the ladies to dress up in their favorite football fan gear. During the month of October we were spotlighting breast cancer awareness so we encouraged the ladies to dress in pink or incorporate into their fan gear.

TBS: How can other women join in on the fun? Is there a website, do you pay dues, give me the nitty gritty details?

TSCC: The ladies can follow us on Facebook or checkout our blog.

TBS: Where do these “Watch Parties” take place?

TSCC: Each of the Game Day Girls’ Way “Watch Parties” takes place at Mosaic Bar & Lounge (5927 Almeda Rd., Suite 190K, Houston, TX 77004). There will be more Game Day Girls’ Way events beyond football season. We use many different major sporting events as playing fields for bringing women together for all sorts of fun!

TBS: What about the guys? You don’t like watching football with them? You do like beer, right?

TSCC: Well, it just so happens that there are quite a few guys who come out too! (After all, women like a little eye candy!) However, the atmosphere is conducive to a night out with the girls. This definitely isn’t your man-cave kind of party. There are cocktails, trivia games, music, door prizes, women’s product giveaways and gift bags, vendors and fun that appeals to women. Lady football fans are there and believe us, there’s a lot of game watching going on, but there’s a lot of mingling and chatting too. There’s a vibe of sisterhood involved and there’s really nothing else like it!

Kelly King with Lady Texans Fans at "Game Day Girls Way" Texans Watch Party

Kelly King with Lady Texans Fans at “Game Day Girls Way” Texans Watch Party

TBS: Do you get any support from the team, players, or their wives?

TSCC: During the 2013 NBA All-Star Weekend in Houston we actually hosted a Game Day Girls Way “Glam Slam!” weekend in which many basketball wives participated in such as Candace Ford (wife of TJ Ford), Ashley Alston (wife of Rafer Alston), Clarenda McGrady (wife of Tracy McGrady), and Shelby Francis (wife of Steve Francis). Some of the ladies have come to the more recent Game Day Girls’ Way “Watch Parties” and we greatly appreciate them coming out and supporting. There’s a mutual respect there as well. During NBA All-Star we used our events to create awareness of My I.N.C. (headed by Kisha Beard and Candace Ford) and we look forward to working with other groups involved with the sports we touch.

TBS: What are the benefits for girls coming? Why forgo how they currently watch games?

TSCC: It’s really about the experience. The freebies and giveaways are great items to take away from the event, but it’s more about the fun atmosphere, being among women in a fun and positive setting, having a girl’s getaway for the day. The Game Day Girls’ Way “Watch Parties” offer women the chance to experience something different every time they come out and share experiences with friends or network and meet other women who are doing cool things in this city.

Thanks to the ladies of The Social Chix Collective (us brands that adamantly start with “The” in our business names gotta stick together!) for the invitation and all the information. Be sure to check out their group for upcoming dates and fun pieces on this new playing field with some of Houston’s most spirited fans. Go Texans!