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Alpha: Product Review

Alpha monitoring my heart rate on my left wrist

Alpha monitoring my heart rate on my left wrist

If you follow me on social media, it’s no secret I’ve been busting my rump to get back in shape. I’ve been going to Sculpt Fitness anywhere from 4-6 days/week and I’m seeing great results, thanks to their instructors that literally make me think I will drown in my own sweat.

Recently I received a MIO Alpha watch to use during my workouts. I’ve never really gotten into the whole heart rate thing, mostly because I thought it involved math and all these crazy wires and velcro straps and all that seemed like nonsense for a workout.

How it works: Algorithms are applied to the pulse signal so that the heart’s true rhythm can be detected even while running at performance speeds. It is also designed with simplicity in mind, which is perfect for us blondes (or basically anyone who would rather focus on the workout at hand rather than functions and buttons).

Function aside, it’s actually cute too. There is no cheststrap or wires or anything we usually associate with heart rate monitors. After working out I sometimes have to run errands, the watch stays on. It’s perfect.

It also goes with my outfit if I’m rocking a sporty look or traveling, it doesn’t need to just be worn in the gym. And I love the tag for this product: Train with Heart.

And The Blonde Side isn’t the only one that loves this new advancement in sports technology. Check out all the other rave

My Alpha goes perfectly with my Tiffany & Co bracelet

My Alpha goes perfectly with my Tiffany & Co bracelet

reviews media has recently given it.

The key thing you will need to figure out on your own (if you don’t already know) is what your ideal heart rate is, so you can help set a targeted heart rate. Here is an article in USA Today that is specifically meant for women to help determine their heart rate. The formula is basically to take 88% of your age and then subtract 206 from that number. Again, I’m not good with math, so go figure your own out!

I won’t lie, I did have a little difficulty setting it up, but I’ve never been good with directions. Once that is set up, you’re ready to run. Or climb. Or TRX. Or spin. Or whatever you choose. Your Alpha will track it, so you’re good to go.