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Blue 32 Series: Birthday Challenge

Blue 32: The Blonde Sides #32 Challenge

Blue 32: The Blonde Sides #32 Challenge

Every year for my birthday, I create some harebrained idea (get it?) to do something unique on The Blonde Side and give the column one last push as another amazing year wraps up.

For my 30th birthday, I did the 30 beFORe 30 series where readers told me what athletes I should pitch and request interviews. It was pretty awesome. My favorite interview during was with Shane Battier, formerly of the Houston Rockets.

For my 31st birthday (last year), ironically enough in true blonde fashion, I thought I was turning 32 and since there are 32 teams in the NFL, I set out on a goal to interview one player from every team, titling it The Blonde Side’s 32 Momentum Challenge. After reading my blog post, my mom informed me I was only 31 that year. Oops.

As you can see I missed the goal by quite a lot, but it was such a unique experience because the players got to pick what they wanted to be interviewed about. Owen Daniels (Texans) wanted to talk about his love of house music, Zoltan Mesko (Patriots) wanted to chat about his creepy-for-a-good-cause moustache, and many other unique interviews.

So this year, the year I really turn 32 (on November 27th in case you want to send presents), doing the “every NFL team” seemed redundant, so I decided to challenge myself to interview as many #32’s in the history of sports: all sports, past athletes, present athletes, anyone I can get ahold of basically. And yes, this will include OJ Simpson, currently hanging out in prison for murder and stealing and kidnapping and cookie stuff.

One of my awesome interns put together a list of all 32 jersey wear’ers he could find and I will spend the next 30 days interviewing as many of those guys (and maybe even girls) as possible. The column will run here on The Blonde Side, but will also be a series on CBS Man Cave Daily.

The Blonde Side’s Blue 32 challenge is proudly sponsored by Bud Light – a beverage I will probably need plenty of while hustling to get this thing in action.

Check back here the entire month of November and follow me on Twitter and LIKE me on FB to keep up as well. It’ll be a busy month, so grab your New Balance running shoes and come along for the ride.

If you happen to know any athletes (pro only) who wore or currently wear #32 or have a contact, such as an agent or a good friend, PLEASE do let me know! You can email me jayme [at] theblondeside [dot]com.

Thanks, and happy birthday to all the other November babies out there!