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C9atTarget: Product Review

C9 at Target - Product Review

C9 at Target – Product Review

Today’s Victory: Working out TWICE when I didn’t even feel like working out once on this gloomy Houston Monday. (It also helps that I’m trying to make up for yesterday’s Bud Light indiscretions at the Texans loss to Indianapolis.)

It’s no secret I have a hard time gaining the motivation to work out on a regular basis, but having seen the recent results from my 5x week sessions at Sculpt Fitness, I continue to push myself harder and harder.

Pushing myself harder and harder means I need motivation in new ways, I have to have a healthier diet, and I need more glamorous workout clothes! There I go being all sweaty and girly again…

And it’s no secret I’m kind of a snob when it comes to workout gear and apparel. Mostly because I’m in it so often, but it has to be cute and flattering and it must be functional as well. I’ve been an athlete since before I could tell time, so I’ve practically grown up in spandex and sports bras.

Growing up an only child and having a dad who was crazy athletic and not-so-secretly wanted a son, playing sports and being active was just in my DNA. Champion was a brand I grew up on. Back then (I refuse to date myself with an actual year), Champion was just as big as Nike was during my various practices and recently Target has brought the brand back with their C9 by Champion line.

The line was much more stylish than I had imagined and was cute enough I felt OK running errands before or after the gym. The sports bra I am wearing definitely holds my “girls” in place if you’re big into running like I am. The pants are also super comfortable and functional and even have reflectors if you run at night and most of the pants come with matching jackets, which is perfect for the winter months we’re headed into. The pants I wore even had zippers in the back at the bottom where you can give them a little flair and to stretch around your shoes, which is super cute and convenient. The pants also had the zipper back pocket in the back for a credit card or to hold your car key if you’re going for a run, which is one of my must-haves in workout clothes.

She Must Workout! C9 at Target - Product Review

She Must Workout! C9 at Target – Product Review

And the best part? The price point. This line is definitely price-friendly, especially for those of us workout mavens who need (or want!) multiple outfits.

Go wrap yourself in a piece of C9 by Champion after your sweat session! This line is as versatile and stylish as my workout – always something new and innovative to try and stay in shape.

So enjoy. And take a minute to tell The Blonde Side your own #TodaysVictory moment – we love hearing it!

– This product review was part of The Blonde Side’s role as a Women’s Health Action Hero as they are always sharing new and innovative products not just for the working woman, but the working-out woman!