Champion Marathon Sports Bra: Product Review

Champion Marathon Sports Bra: with adjustable straps

Champion Marathon Sports Bra: with adjustable straps

I recently tested out a new sports bra: the Champion Marathon Sports Bra ($48) and I must say I’m impressed.

Let me first start with full disclosure: I probably don’t need a sports bra, at least not a heavy duty like this one. While I do wear a size C (or Medium in this fit), my “girls” don’t really move up and down thanks to my beloved plastic surgeon, but I never go on a run without a sports bra – for multiple reasons including comfort and fear of nipping out and being super awkward in public if I have to run errands after a long run.

This ultra-light high-to-max support was probably more than I needed, but I run with so many girls who often have to double-up sports bras on long runs. That thought is beyond crazy to me, but I am fairly certain this is the sports bra for you if you’re one of those double-up coverage seeking gals.

If you are a runner, especially of long distances (get it – the MARATHON SPORTS BRA), you’ll want to check this bra out. It’s all the essential components to any piece of workout gear: no chafe, no bulk. Don’t let your sports bra tell you when your run is over due to chafing, stop when your legs (or your mind) tell you to. It is a faster drying bra thanks to Vapor Technology, helping you dry faster as your body heat rises. All good things in my runner’s book.

The thing I love most about this sports bra is that it has adjustable straps to give you a truly custom fit. Most things in life are not one-size fit all, nor should your sports bra be. Overall, this bra was a bit more strength than I needed, but I will definitely wear it for my longer runs thanks to the no chafing and no bulging, and I highly recommend this for other runners!