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Super Bowl Outfit: Go Broncos!

Super Bowl Outfit: GO BRONCOS

Super Bowl Outfit: GO BRONCOS

I am by no means a fashionista, or really any good at fashionable ensembles whatsoever, but I have this uncanny ability to go shopping with one thing in mind: gameday colors.

Red leather and navy stackable bracelets? Perfect for Texans games.

A green blazer? Yes, there’s enough room to wear that to a home Eagles game with a Junk Food Clothing sweatshirt underneath and I’ll be cute and warm. Double bonus!

Sunday, February 2nd marks Super Bowl Sunday where the Denver Broncos will take on the Seattle Seahawks at MetLife Stadium. Neither of my teams made it to the big game, so by default, I had to choose a team just to keep it entertaining. I seriously love Peyton Manning and having been to multiple games in Denver, making it an easy choice to root for the Broncos on Super Bowl Sunday. Plus, my dad is rooting for them, and well, he’s the whole reason I even learned to love football.

But I have to be careful not to pretend to be a hardcore bandwagon fan come gameday, so my Super Bowl outfit is kind of a big deal. I still want my friends and family to know who I’m rooting for, but I’m not going to go out and buy a Broncos shirt. I’ll cheer for them for this one game, but I want to be able to wear my outfit again, to make it worth my money.

And truth be told, Broncos colors are dangerously close to Florida Gator colors: those orange and blue combos aren’t really a friend of mine. (Go Noles!)

I recently went to Langford Market to see what they had in store for Super Bowl/Broncos options and was pleasantly surprised. The outfit I decided on is pictured above and is a simple blue dress (Maude) for $69.90 and an orange leather jacket (Maude) ON SALE for $20. (Note, all sale items at Langford Market are currently $20!) It’s simple, it’s got lots of flow (because I like to munch on Super Bowl snacks and drink lots of Bud Light) and is still cute and flirty. I’ll pair it with a pair of Frye cowboy boots and try to limit my loud and obnoxious overflow of sports

Super Bowl Outfit: Runner Up

Super Bowl Outfit: Runner Up

knowledge and stats and call it a day.

Other great outfits Langford Market had to choose from are also pictured (1-4 options). I was thoroughly impressed with the amount of options in these colors. I found mostly dresses, but paired with a cardigan, it was still a great and comfortable option for lounging at a friend’s house and munching on veggies and wings. They also had some cute patterned shorts and pants that could be paired with a simple NFL tshirt from Junk Food Clothing (can also be found at Nordstrom).

Who are you rooting for and what are you wearing this Super Bowl Sunday?