Tidbits: 10 Reasons to Watch the Super Bowl

The Blonde Side featured on Tidbits

The Blonde Side featured on Tidbits

Recently The Blonde Side was asked to share some fun and interesting facts and reasons to watch the Super Bowl for the awesome “inside scoop for the gal around town” online publication, Tidbits. It was featured in five of their cities (they are all over), check out the post below or click here to see the original content on the Tidbits website.

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In anticipation of the Super Bowl this weekend, we turned to Jayme Lamm of The Blonde Side for party conversation starters. Grab your manicured foam finger and tick through the sports personality’s gal-friendly factoids.

1. The Basics. The Broncos are favored to win by 3, according to most Vegas sports books. That’s just a simple field goal, so every point matters.

2. Why Watch? This will be the first time since 1990 that the No. 1 offense (Denver) will face the No. 1 defense (Seattle). Translation: Plenty of aggressive plays by men in tight pants are anticipated.

3. So Fugly! USA Today claims this will be the ugliest Super Bowl in its 48-year history, with Denver wearing their almost-all-orange uniforms and Seattle wearing white. “Separately, the uniforms aren’t terrible. Mixed together, however, they make for an eyesore. It’s not peanut butter and jelly, it’s peanut butter and broccoli,” said reporter Chris Chase.

4. Undies Off? H&M is giving you the chance to vote whether David Beckham will be covered or be uncovered in their TV spot.

5. QB Breakdown Peyton Manning (Broncos) is going up against the younger, faster Russell Wilson (Seahawks), who was only nine years old when Peyton was drafted to the NFL. This will be Denver’s seventh appearance in a Super Bowl and Seattle’s second.

6. Blue Box Dreams. The trophy awarded to the winning team, the Vince Lombardi, is seven pounds of sterling silver, handcrafted by Tiffany & Co.

7. Betting on Bruno. Bruno Mars is expected to put on an epic halftime show, even better than he did at the Houston Rodeo. Not interested in the actual game? Fashionistas can get in on a “prop bet:” What will Bruno Mars be wearing on his head at the start of his performance? Fedora 2/3 | No hat 2/1 | Fur Hat 5/1 | Tuque 8/1

8. Sticker Shock. Ticket prices range from $3K -$14K. The most expensive ticket for the first-ever Super Bowl, 1967, was just $12.

9. Million Dollar Chance. Intuit gave small businesses a chance at a coveted commercial spot, which reportedly sell for $4 million each. One of four finalists – a pet food business in North Carolina, a compost company in Idaho called Poop, a Cali toy maker, or an organic egg farm in Minnesota – will have a professional spot aired for free on Sunday.

10. Fashion Forecast: Puffy Jackets This will be the first cold-weather city to host the game, outdoors. Jersey has an expected low of 23 plus a 20% chance of precipitation. (To date, the coldest played is Super Bowl ’72, played in New Orleans.)