James Harden and BODYARMOR

James Harden and BODYARMOR

Earlier this week we hosted a contest with the awesome sports drink BODYARMOR for their recent partnership with H-town’s favorite James Harden.

BODYARMOR is a premium sports drink packed with more electrolytes, vitamins, coconut water, and natural flavors. BODYARMOR is a healthier alternative to traditional sports drinks and provides your body with what it needs to work hard and play harder.

Here was our contest on FB:

Wanna win a signed James Harden ball? Check out this BODYARMOR Exclusive with the All-Star and his Behind-the-Scenes Q&A: http://youtu.be/wAM0y4lWo1M
Harden is one of the newest (and best!) athletes to have upgraded his sports drink – simply LIKE The Blonde Side & BODYARMOR SuperDrink on FB AND comment on THIS post with your favorite James Harden beast mode moment and the ball could be yours. #UpgradeYourSportsDrink

(Get an extra entry by visiting @jaymelamm on Twitter)

Be sure to stay tuned to our FB page for other contests we run on signed stuff and even tickets!

Be sure to check out his videos – it’s no secret Harden goes beastmode, so this is the perfect upgrade to his sports drink.

Go Rockets!

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