Wahl: Deep-Tissue Massage Product Review

Wahl Deep-Tissue Massager

Wahl Deep-Tissue Massager

As an athlete (former and current, thank you), massages are a crucial part of my life. When at home in Houston, I tend to get a massage every two-three weeks from Massage Heights, but sometimes, I need something in between. I was asked to test out a new Wahl product, a home massager.

I can’t really tickle myself, so I was hesitant to a massager I had to use on myself, but I was willing to try it out.

Massages improve circulation, decrease muscle fatigue, helps control blood pressure, reduces anxiety (yes please!) and offers a ton of offer benefits for athletes and just the everyday person.

The Wahl deep tissue massager (only $59) comes with four attachments (four-finger flex, raised bump, deep muscle, accupoint) and it’s easy to use. Remember, I write The Blonde Side, so I need products and technology that is easy. This one was great. You literally plug it in, and twist off one attachment and push on the other.

My favorite place to get worked on during a massage is my neck/back/shoulder area, and the Wahl deep tissue massager works well for that, but I think what I loved best about this product was using it on my recently strained quad muscles. I had injured myself playing kickball (yes, I know, make fun of me) and it hurt in pretty much every activity and was keeping me from the gym. The attachments and speed-setting allowed it to get deep into the muscle space and work it out – it stung a little, like massages often do when breaking up lactic acid, but overall, I truly think it helped speed up my recovery.