Run10Feed10 in Houston - Use promo code WHLAMM for $5 off

Run10Feed10 in Houston – Use promo code WHLAMM for $5 off

Hey Houston, are you ready for a brand new race series in your town? The Women’s Health Run10Feed10 Race will take place in Houston on Sept 27th, and yours truly is an Action Hero trying to help make this race and the great cause behind it really take off!

I know it seems really far away, but we’re trying to get as many signups as soon as possible – this series has been going on for three years and this is the first time Houston will host their own race, so we need to show the powers that be that Houston IS a run town.

Plus, it gives us more time to get our training butts in gear!

The race series is really cool – aside from getting cool swag (see below), each and every signup will provide TEN meals to hungry kids right here in our own backyard. So yes, this money STAYS in Houston to help our neighbors. By signing up, you will also get:

– You’ll get our 2014 limited-edition FEED bag! (the one all the celebs carry around!)
– A special FEED bracelet as a finisher prize!
– 10 issues of Women’s Health mag for free (you can decline this option and get a $10 refund on your sign-up if you wish)

Sign up for the race here. Use promo code: WHLAMM (at the very end of signup) for $5 off.

There is also a GREAT fundraising component to this event – if you want to donate something (even as little as $10) to the cause, you can go to my page and make it quick and easy.

You are also encouraged (though not mandatory) to start your own fundraising page – it will give you the option to set up your own page during race registration – just click yes and you’ll be prompted to set that up after your registration is complete.

This is a huge event for so many people, including me. I would very much appreciate each of your support on this event

Who wouldn't want a limited edition FEED bag while helping kids?

Who wouldn’t want a limited edition FEED bag while helping kids?

(whether running/walking with me, donating a few bucks, or sharing it with friends and family via email and social media). Remember, this is a fun run, so it’s 100% OK and welcome if you’re not a fast runner or a runner at all, you can walk the race, we just want you there.

We also have a list of races in other cities (go to the main Run10Feed10 website to see which cities – folks in other cities can also use the WHLAMM discount code for $5 off).

If you know of any businesses in the area that want to donate or perhaps match our donations, that would be AWESOME, please let me know!

If you don’t already follow The Blonde Side on FB, please do me a favor and LIKE it.

Happy training y’all!

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