Petite Sweets – Summertime Splurge

This is my kinda double-fisting

This is my kinda double-fisting

A super cool part about running The Blonde Side, are the invitations to fun and exclusive events and trying things (products, food, beers, etc.) before they are open to the public. Today I got to sample EVERY single one of the new Frozen Custard Waffle Cone Sundaes ($5.50 each) at Petite Sweets.

This new menu includes seven sundaes:

1. Chocolate Covered Pretzel – for those salty and sweet all-in-one lovers.

2. Big Island – if you love pineapple, give this one a go.

3. Lemon Ice Box – a big favorite of many.

4. The Turtle – caramel and chocolate – how can you go wrong?

5. The Funfetti – smashed up sugar cookies IN your waffle sundae!

6. Makers Chocolate Covered Cherries – a rather bold taste, but I’m not much a fan of cherries, unless it’s cherry vodka.

7. Balsamic Strawberry – this one was my favorite. It is typically served with vanilla frozen custard, but in true blonde fashion, I always change things up a bit, so I got chocolate frozen custard. There is something about a chocolate | strawberry combo that is sinfully good – and of course the strawberries (A FRUIT!) makes me feel it’s sort of healthy!

Petite Sweets is located at 2700 W. Alabama near Kirby, in Houston.

Pro tip for dudes – This is a cute after-dinner date spot. Ask the girl “mind if we hit one more spot before I take you home,” and take her to this deliciously adorable shop. Trust. Me.