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Mix-a-Rita JELL-O Shots

Jello Shots - the only time The Blonde Side excels in the kitchen

Jello Shots – the only time The Blonde Side excels in the kitchen

It’s no secret the kitchen isn’t really my forte, but thankfully JELL-O SHOTS are.

For the 4th of July, I decided to try something new, using the flavored Rita’s from Bud Light (Mango, Raspberry, Strawberry and Lime).

It’s super simple – make JELL-O as stated on package – when it’s time to add “cold water” simply add a cold Rita (whatever flavor you want). I made quite a variety of flavors, but in true blonde fashion, I didn’t label which ones had which flavorĀ JELL-O OR which ones had which flavor Rita’s – so I did have a favorite, I just haven’t a clue which one it was.

These were actually REALLY good, but even with 8% alcohol in the Rita’s, they weren’t very strong (at least not for JELL-O shots). On the next go round I’m going to add some vodka (I’m a big fan of Tito’s) and I’ll let you know how they turn out. If you use the Lime-a-Rita and the lemon-lime JELL-O, you should add tequila instead of vodka.

The simplest way I’ve found to make these without making a huge mess is to place the shooter cups (I bought mine at Spec’s here in Houston) on a large baking sheet and used a large mixing bowl with a spout to pour them evenly and without spillage. And I have a super obese Chihuahua so he helped clean up the mess too.

If you need any additional Jello Shot tips, shoot me a note, I don’t mean to brag, but I’m kind of an expert.

Happy rest of Summer!