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Texans Cheer Swimsuit Calendar Revealed

Texans Cheerleader 2014-15 Swimsuit Calendars unveiled (Photo: Miguel Sada)

Texans Cheerleader 2014-15 Swimsuit Calendars unveiled (Photo: Miguel Sada)

Steamy Texans Cheerleaders Swimsuit Calendar Revealed: This year’s edition has a Puerto Rican flair.

While the actual temperature didn’t quite hit three digits, Sunday night at the Houston Texans Grille was undoubtedly heating up as Houston’s Sweethearts, the Houston Texans Cheerleaders, revealed their 2014-15 Swimsuit Calendar in true Texans style.

This sold-out private event hosted by HTC alum Nicole featured each of the calendar girls, including a special introduction to the six calendar girls who grace the cover along with a performance by the entire 2014 squad.

The eighth annual calendar was shot in Puerto Rico by photographer Paul Ladd – quite a change in scenery from last year’s shoot in nearby Galveston.

The private ticketed event was not quite as chaotic as you might think, but we did have a chance to talk with some of the calendar girls before fans stormed the doors to get their brand new $15 copies autographed  — the first ones released in Houston.

Obviously the scenery deviates quite a bit from Galveston to Puerto Rico, but there were other differences, too,  according to Puerto Rican native Liz, who had the honor of being Miss July. (Professionally, the Texans cheerleaders are known only by their first name.)

“I felt like last year I was able to see everyone shoot because we were all down at the beach at the same time. This year it was kind of a mystery — like I wonder what beach they are shooting on or what bathing suit they’re in – it was a really cool surprise,” she said.

Cover of 2014-15 Texans Cheer Swimsuit Calendar (Photo: Miguel Sada)

Cover of 2014-15 Texans Cheer Swimsuit Calendar (Photo: Miguel Sada)

Lesha, who reps the resolution month of January and appears in the calendar for her second year, most admired the exclusivity of the Caribbean island. “Being able to go on Palomino Island — which was a private island and many celebrities have been there — to be able to go and shoot on their beach was an amazing experience,” she said.

The hardest part according to Lesha and Brittan surprisingly wasn’t the swimsuits, but rather coping with the unpredictable weather. “We try a bunch of different angles, but you never know what you’re going to get when you get out there with the wind,” said Brittan, who also appears in the calendar for a second time.

According to Shannon, finding the perfect swimsuit was perhaps the most tedious part of it all.

“They threw out all these bathing suits they had bought and have them all lined up and tell us to go try that, that, and that on. It’s probably the longest process – picking a bathing suit — you think it’s so simple. The goal is to find something that you’re comfortable in and will also do a really good job shooting in,” Shannon said, noting that the girls also had a say in what they wore.

The calendar also spotlights an extremely familiar face, Baytown native Delaney, who has appeared in the calendar three times.

Calendars are on sale now at the Go Texan Store at NRG Stadium, and online with proceeds benefiting the Houston Texans Foundation.


Rapid fire with a few calendar girls:

Culture Map: If you could only get your hair or makeup done for the rest of your life, which would you choose?

Lesha: Hair

Shannon: Hair

Brittan: Make-up

Caitlyn: Hair

Culture Map: Favorite swimsuit brand?

Liz: “I’ve been really looking at Beach Bunny –they are so unique and no else will have it.”

Shannon: “To be honest I get a lot of my bathing suits from Target or Victoria’s Secret, but mostly Target because they have such a wide selection and they always come out with new ones – you go in there for groceries and you come out with five bathing suits!”

This article was originally published in the sport’s section of Culture Map (including more photos). Click here to see the original article.