This is DEFINITELY a fun run (Photo: Women's Health)

This is DEFINITELY a fun run (Photo: Women’s Health)

The first time I ever realized you could “draw” a shape while running using the Nike+ app was during the She Runs LA Nike “virtual” 10k Brandi Garcia invited me to.

Since I wasn’t in LA at the time, each person who signed up virtually for the 10k was given a letter to run in the shape of. Talk about a lost blonde in a pair of New Balance.

It was pure comedy. I literally ran up to a stoplight at Rice Village, made a left, then made a quick right, then ran diagonal through a parking lot and continued on in a rampant manner. I still don’t even know what letter I was instructed to create (although I think it was an “F”), but by the end, it was barely legible.

Anyways, there was this recent article in Women’s Health where a woman is doing pretty much the same thing, but better. As pictured, one of her runs looked a lot like male goods, but my favorite (at least the one most suitable for my mom who is probably reading this) is the middle finger she drew in honor of saying FU to cancer for her best friend.

So I plan to implement this awesome picture-drawing in upcoming runs – not exactly sure what I will attempt to draw, but who’s in with me? Comment on this post with some picture ideas I can run to.

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