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GUEST: Friday Night Lights Podcast

The Blonde Side's episode on Friday Night Lights Podcast

The Blonde Side’s episode on Friday Night Lights Podcast

The Blonde Side was a recent guest (Episode 22) on the Friday Night Lights Podcast. This was a super fun interview and tells a pretty good story of how I came into my current career as a sportswriter and quite a few other things.

Examples of some of our favorite one-liners in this interview:

– It’s like when your hair is going wild and you throw random bobbi pins in to keep it in check, that’s how I am with commas…

– Hey I write this blog, no one reads it, but I’d like to interview you.

– If I was in a rush I’d just be in my bikini and stick my thumb out. Every Japanese tourist there thought I was Elle Woods from Legally Blonde. I would love to say I looked like her – she has a chubby face and so do I.

– They took their liberties entirely too far – I looked like a demon. Which asshole didn’t tell me I looked like that?

– No one has ever said this sentence ever: I think I have too many fanny packs. I own four fanny packs. And my friend said, “I kind of want to bitch-slap you for saying that.”

– This entire decision was based off this movie and I still don’t know the name of it.

– I guess I left when Human Resources told me to. It was a little bit of an awkward conversation. I think I might still be in that role today if I had kept my legs closed.”

Click here to listen to it (you can download it on your phone and other great ways).

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