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Spinach Cream Cheese Stuffed Chicken

Picture courtesy of LittleSpiceJar.com

Picture courtesy of LittleSpiceJar.com

In an equal effort to start saving a bit more money (not eating out as much) and trying to eat a tad healthier, I have taken on the task of trying one new recipe each week (pending I’m in Houston that week). It is NO secret that I have no cooking abilities – my mother truly thought cooking was driving through a drive-thru. In her defense, it did provide dinner…

Anyways, here is a recipe I tried this week from Little Spice Jar – it’s Spinach Cream Cheese Stuffed Chicken Breast and I swear it’s easier than it sounds.

The total groceries were pretty inexpensive and it took less than an hour to prep and cook (the prep really only took about 10-15 minutes). The hardest part of this recipe is rolling the chicken up, so definitely use toothpicks and don’t be afraid to make a little mess.

Oh and I must add, this is literally the best thing I’ve ever cooked! I realize that isn’t saying a lot, but…

The other bonehead move I made while preparing this, was I read the directions wrong and tried to use the beaten eggs and planko bread crumbs together and it got clumpy and didn’t look like the picture, but after re-reading it, it was supposed to be two separate bowls that makes COMPLETE sense.

Seriously, try this dish out. Thanks to LittleSpiceJar.com for sharing. Do you have recipes (easy, on the cheap and somewhat healthy) to share? If so, email me: jayme [at] theblondeside [dot] com and yours could be shown here!