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Texans Cheer Liz

Houston Texans Cheerleader Liz has boundless NRG

Houston Texans Cheerleader Liz has boundless NRG

Houston Texans Cheerleader Liz has boundless NRG. 

There may be a debate across the country (and especially in Texas) on who really is America’s Team, but there is no mistaking who has Houston’s heart when it comes to their sweethearts – that spot is reserved for the much revered for the 34-women who make up the Houston Texans Cheerleaders (HTC).

Third-year veteran and hometown Texas girl, Liz has more energy bottled inside her small frame than any Starbucks or Red Bull commercial could ever dream of capturing.  Think of a gorgeous and gregarious Energizer bunny – but in knee-high boots, a Texans crop top and white booty shorts with a huge smile and big hair. Yup, that’s 23-year-old Liz and Houston fans are head-over-cowboy-boots in love with her.

Man Cave Daily digs deeper than her cheerleader profile goes – we already know her favorite color is orange and she’s a big fan of donuts, cheeseburgers and fries (thankfully her dance routines combined with CrossFit help balance that out), but check out a few more details on Liz in our exclusive interview…and then don’t forget to check out our entire gallery of her.

Man Cave Daily: Where are you originally from?

Liz: I pretty much grew up in the sticks of Rosenberg, TX. It’s a small town where everyone knows everyone outside of Sugar Land.

MCD: Occupation?

L: [laughing] I like to consider myself a “day maker”–Also known as a professional hairstylist (or a free therapist). I love my job. The relationships I get to build with my clients are indescribable. They trust me with pretty much anything and at the end of day making them feel beautiful is what I live for. I make people’s days!

MCD: Years on team?

L: I am living the dream as an HTC for my THIRD YEAR! I first auditioned when I was a senior in high school–unfortunately I didn’t make the team. However I’m glad I didn’t make it then–I was just a baby–I didn’t have the experience or the “swag” that the other girls had. I finally got serious, whipped myself into shape and auditioned in 2012, and I finally get to wear the infamous outfit as a third year veteran!

MCD: I’m pretty sure I speak for all of Houston that we’re glad you get to don that wonderful uniform! Are you in the calendar?

L: Yes! This is my second year to be featured in one of the NFL’s Hottest Cheerleader Calendar. I am Miss July 2015, and I am extremely blessed to say I am also one of the six calendar cover girls! (Which happens to be the very first Houston Texans Cheerleader Calendar to ever have six cover girls!)

MCD: Greatest memory so far?

Those Houston Texans Cheerleaders (HTC) are reason enough for Texans fans to cheer

Those Houston Texans Cheerleaders (HTC) are reason enough for Texans fans to cheer

L: That’s a tough one. I must say my rookie year is definitely a year to remember. My greatest memory was when our Texans won their second consecutive AFC South division title, and defeated the Cincinnati Bengals in the Wild Card round of the playoffs. Playoffs 2013 were incredible; HTC was on fire with all new dance routines. Not to mention, I was selected to dance on stage with Clay Walker for our Pregame Performance, which was a HUGE honor. I really didn’t know what it was like to lose a game since I cheered on a 12-4 season!

MCD: Unfortunately times have changed from that 12-4 record, but you ladies still rock it out each and every home game! Favorite player?

L: Andre Johnson or should I say Andre 13K! I have mad respect for Andre, his dedication and loyalty to our team is truly appreciated. He’s been through thick and thin but he’s still a Texan! This man never fails to amaze me! Seriously? He comes out of nowhere with those catches! I know for a fact he will be in the Hall of Fame! Most importantly is his very own foundation, the Andre Johnson Charitable Foundation that focuses on children and teens growing up in single parent homes. Last year I got to partake in one of the best appearances with Andre. It included 12 beautiful children, 12 cheerleaders & 80 seconds to fill up your basket with whatever you want at Toys ‘R’ Us and Andre picked up the tab–$17,352 later. How awesome is that? Giving back is what it’s all about. Especially to these children that look up to him! I literally had tears rolling down my face during this appearance. I love Andre for that!

MCD: For those who have never been to your stadium, describe the atmosphere?

L: NRG Stadium is exhilarating! If you’ve haven’t been, you need to GO!

From the second you walk in the main entrance you’ll see the Official Go Texans Store where you can find anything and everything “Texans.” Walking around the stadium you’ll feel pumped up – there are teamwork signs hanging everywhere including my personal favorite: “When you Come Here 1. Do your job 2. Work hard 3. Pay attention & focus 4. Always put the TEAM first” sign.

You’ll even see life-size J.J. WATT PICTURES! Sitting in your seat is pretty intense–you can literally feel the heat from the cannons being fired when the players come out of the tunnel. And when we score a touchdown, Football Time in Houston by Clay Walker is jamming! But if JJ WATT scores a touchdown, man the entire stadium is roaring and you can’t forget his signature song “Turn Down for Watt.” All the fans are on their feet! I pretty much lose my voice at every game–win or lose. Even if you don’t like football (which I don’t know anyone who doesn’t), I promise you’ll have an awesome time.

MCD: Which Spice Girl would you be?

L: I’d love to be a mixture of Sporty Spice and Posh! I can have the best of both worlds. I’m kind of a tomboy at heart but don’t get me wrong I love to dress up and look chic.

2014-2015 NFL Cheer Series Presented by Shock Top because these ladies are SHOCKING

2014-2015 NFL Cheer Series Presented by Shock Top because these ladies are SHOCKING

MCD: Who’s your bestie on the squad?

L: I’m pretty lucky to say that I have 32 best friends. Being part of this sisterhood for three years– I guess you could say I have about 90 best friends! But there’s definitely a “bestie” each year– my girl Amelia! She was my little sister last year and I’ve really enjoyed getting to know her these past two years. This girl will bend over backwards for you, she’s a shoulder to lean on, a good laugh, and is truly just one of those forever kind of friends. Late phone calls/early texts–doesn’t matter what time of day she’s always there for me. It’s also funny how I know exactly what she’s thinking most of the time without even saying a word. I know she says she looks up to me but little does she know I’m the one that looks up to her! I love you girl, XOXO.

MCD: Biggest misconception about cheerleaders?

L: Most cheerleaders are said to be “stuck up,” “dumb” or that we have the easiest job in the world to “just stand there and look pretty,” which is totally not true. I cheer alongside of some of the classiest, smartest, and talented girls I’ve ever met. We have an engineer on the team, a girl who is attending nursing school, teachers who help educate our youth, we even have a full-time mom and that’s just to name a few. Cheering is a part-time job for us, we love what we do and who we do it for! But being a cheerleader isn’t at all easy, we have long nights & early mornings, we love reaching out to our community, countless hours in the gym, and you can’t forget the dancing. There’s about a hundred dances we learn. And we do it all for the FANS!

MCD: What charity is nearest and dearest to your heart?

L: Compassion International is very special to me. Compassion International is a Christian child sponsorship organization dedicated to the long-term development of children living in poverty around the world. I have a huge heart for the children of the world. Two years ago I actually decided to sponsor a child through Compassion. His name is Elias from Ethiopia; he’s the cutest 6-year-old who loves to play soccer. Sponsoring a child will help give them food and clean water, medical care, educational opportunities, important life-skills training and encourage them to develop a lifelong relationship with God. I hope to help Elias graduate school and hopefully attend college. I plan to one day visit him and to continue changing this world one child at a time!

MCD: If you could only dance/perform to one artist for the entire season, who would it be?

L: That’s easy. MY GIRL BEYONCE! Anyone that knows me knows that I love Queen Bey!

MCD: What’s the most embarrassing/random thing we’d find in your recent Google history?

L: Well…. I have an obsession with Great Danes! I find myself searching daily, looking at them. My poor friends are probably tired of me talking about Great Danes. I plan to get a Blue Great Dane once I finish football season and I cannot WAIT! I’m definitely going to be that crazy dog lady.

MCD: Since you’re so busy getting ready for the games, (sadly) you miss one of my favorite parts – tailgating! If you were asked to bring one thing, what would it be?

L: I love chips & dip! Who doesn’t? I would bring my personal/fan favorite fiesta seven layer dip— colorful layers of refried beans, guacamole, sour cream, cheese and spicy tomatoes–with a party size bag of Fritos SCOOPS! Scoops are a must! I can literally sit there and eat the entire bag.

It’s unfortunate that I miss out on one of the best parts about football– tailgating! But when I’m done with my cheerleading career I will be at every tailgate.

MCD: Look in your purse/bag right now – what’s the most random thing in there?

Six beautiful cheerleaders graced the cover of the Houston Texans swimsuit calendar, including our girl Liz

Six beautiful cheerleaders graced the cover of the Houston Texans swimsuit calendar, including our girl Liz

L: Gum–minty gum, fruity gum, sour gum! You name it, I have it! Can I pay you in gum? I chew gum ALL DAY (except at practice–my coach hates gum) and sometimes you get tired of one flavor so I like to have options! And yes, I do share.

MCD: Favorite book/magazine/website?

L: I’m currently obsessing over “White Girl Problems” by Babe Walker. I think Babe is my new #WomenCrushWednesday. She’s like a modern day version of Marilyn Monroe only with no filter & zero class. Reading this book is so hilarious I’m sure people think I’m crazy when they see me laughing to myself.

MCD: What’s your secret to a perfect selfie?

L: [laughing] Last year I was voted by my teammates as the “Best Selfie Taker.” I only ever take selfies when I’m in the car. Why? I have no idea. I guess because that’s the only the time I actually have to myself. Or maybe because of all the natural light coming through the windows. I just know that my hair color is always on point when I’m in the car. I do always hold my phone at a lower level than most girls I see taking selfies.

MCD: Your hair is probably perfect because of your profession. Just saying…Twerking: Fun while it lasted or wish it never started?

L: I guess it was fun while it lasted. Coming from a dancing background, “twerking” wasn’t anything new. It does crack me up when I see my little niece attempt to “twerk.” I like to say the word more like #TwerkingOut.

MCD: You’ve obviously got a full schedule–any time for hobbies or interests?

L: When I’m not working in the salon or cheering on the sidelines I like to CrossFit! I love being able to tie my hair in a messy bun (which I never get to do, being that I do hair for a living & we cheer with our hair down) and jam out to some rock and lift heavy weights for a change of pace. I like a good challenge and friendly competition.

MCD: Homebody or an adventurer?

L: Definitely a homebody. I could be an adventurer, I just don’t have time or the energy on most occasions. After working 10 hour days, I just want to go home and change into my yoga pants, maybe eat a bowl of cereal (Honeycombs) and watch some Netflix.

If you want more Liz and HTC, follow her on Twitter @HTC_Liz. She wants you all to know that she follows back!

You’re not done yet, hoss — Liz sent us a couple dozen photos, and rather than deprive you of any of them, we put ‘em all in a gallery!

This article on Texans cheerleader Liz originally ran in the sport’s section of CBS Man Cave Daily. Click here to see the original and yes, more photos too. A big thank you to Shock Top for sponsoring this series on The Blonde Side, so we can show the world just how awesome NFL cheerleaders are – even when they aren’t wearing their uniforms.