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Ben Jones: Football, Family and HUNTING

Texans Ben Jones talking camo in the December 2014 issue of 002 Magazine

Texans Ben Jones talking camo in the December 2014 issue of 002 Magazine

Texas is home to a slew of good ole boys, which is probably one reason Texans offensive lineman Ben Jones fits right in. “That’s one of the things I love about Houston – you’ve got the big city and all your nice restaurants, but you can go 30 minutes outside and you’re in the middle of nowhere,” Jones says.

Ben Jones is by definition a country boy.

Just ask him his favorite color. His response: “Does camo count?” He’s a proud owner of camo-colored crocs. Recently married, Jones says, “the best I could do was wear boots,” since camo was vetoed. Even guys like Arian Foster and Duane Brown give him heat for owning so much camo. “They’re always like, ‘what else could you possibly have?’” since he even carries camo luggage to the games.

While the Alabama native is 100% committed to football season, Jones points out it’s also dove-hunting season, and he’s taking advantage of it every chance when he’s not on the field. His favorite hunting buddy is teammate and friend Shane Lechler, where the two share a unique Monday Night Football experience.

“His [Lechler’s] mom has land in Sealy – it’s a way to get away from football and clear your mind. Go out there, relax and just talk – we’re out in the middle of nowhere. If we go out there on a Monday we might watch some football – his mom has a TV in the barn – we’ll clean the doves we killed and cook supper out there and watch the game,” Jones says.

Jones love for hunting started when he was six. “After my dad passed, my mom would carry me hunting – she would sit in the hunting stand and read her magazine while I was hunting because I wanted to go and she didn’t want me to go by myself,” he recalls.

Hunting is also a way for Jones, now in his third season with the Texans, to spend time with family. “My granddaddy trains bird dogs so that’s something we can do together,” he says.

While Lechler is his go-to hunting buddy, Jones has put some thought into other teammates he’d like to see with a shotgun.

“I’d probably take Duane Brown, Chris Meyers, or Garrett Graham – Garrett’s never shot a gun so that could be fun. Chris grew up in Miami and always been in a big city, but he could be all for it. I know Duane’s been [at the range in Vegas] and likes to shoot guns, so getting him out of his comfort zone in the middle of nowhere – I’d like to see that. Duane probably doesn’t have any camo so I’d have to loan him something. All he wears is his golf attire because he’s a big golfer,” Jones says laughing at the image of fellow larger-than-life lineman decked out in camo.

Want more proof Ben Jones is a good ole country boy?

His favorite store: Gander Mountain, Bass Pro Shop, Academy

Collects: Shot guns.

Favorite Brand: Benelli

Favorite Show: Duck Dynasty (Si and Godwin especially)

This article originally ran in the December 2014 print edition of 002 Houston Magazine (now LOCAL Houston Magazine).