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Zappos.com Holiday List

This collage of wants from Zappos.com should speak wonders for how diverse I am

This collage of wants from Zappos.com should speak wonders for how diverse I am

It’s no secret I’m a big fan of Zappos.com – mostly because I have this little thing known as buyer’s remorse where I buy everything I want and then realize I’m a freelance writer with an extremely modest salary so returning it would be the responsible thing to do. The thing with Zappos.com is that you can return things (for free) and shipping is free. So it makes my buyer’s remorse thing easy to deal with, except I end up keeping it all anyways. I put together a quick and dirty list of what I want this Christmas – seriously, if you have extra Santa dollars in your pocket and you want to buy me any of these, that’d be more than welcomed. Or of course, use my favorites and go shopping for someone in your life you’ve actually met before… The Blonde Side’s Christmas Wish List from Zappos.com: 

Because my future’s bright, these Eagles green Ray-bans would be amazing.

I spend enough time in airports (262 days in a hotel just in 2014), my feet should look amazing, be comfortable and stay warm, so these Uggs in the port color (almost Florida State garnet if you will…) are perfect. Size 6 please. 

I don’t know about you, but I plan to make A LOT of money in 2015, so I need somewhere to keep it all. This Kate Spade wallet (color warm putty) would be perfect.

Some crazy person somewhere said you can’t look good while sweating. I wholeheartedly disagree, so I’d like these Nike (in black) running tights to prove you wrong.

I’m not a big jewelry person – either statement earrings or rings and why not keep it local with these Kendra Scott earrings in cobalt blue?

Because even on December 25th, bikinis are always in style, especially l*space bikinis.

If my future’s bright, my skin better be too. I love Bliss products, so imagine how much I’d love this Bliss let it glow set.

Did someone say party? Oh, no? Ok, let’s plan one. This would be the perfect little black dress.

I plan to push myself to the limits in the New Year, but a girl’s gotta relax, right? These ALO Verge Sweatpants are amazing (I have them, I want more).

Keeping up my fitness goals in 2015, and these New Balance foam fresh have never let me down. Too many miles on my last pair, time for new ones!

My overall goal in 2015 is this: BE HAPPY. Being happy means I plan to smile a lot, so I’ll need this Butter lip gloss to make that smile even prettier.