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Bye Bye Booze

30'ish day break

30’ish day break

Relax, it’s just temporary.

Let me start with this simple disclaimer: I do not have a drinking problem.

But I will admit that drinking is a huge part of my life. With watching sports on a nightly basis, meeting friends for dinner (and you guessed it – drinks!), going on terrible first dates, drinking to get over said first dates, hanging with friends to discuss their terrible dates, etc. Plus I actually love the taste of a fine wine, glass of champagne or cold craft beer.

I figured if there was a month I could give up alcohol, January would it. Because let’s face it: February is not only the Super Bowl, but Valentine’s Day (must drink to get through this), March is St. Patrick’s Day (no, I’m not Irish, but it’s also March Madness) and once April hits here in Houston the patio weather SCREAMS my name and then you have the entire summer, which leads to football season, which brings us to the holidays and then back around to January.

So yeah, January has got to be it.

Anyone interested in going sans booze with me for the month?

Note: January 1st for the FSU/Oregon game does not count and IF we go to the National Championship, that day doesn’t count either, but it’s still an admirable goal, right? Or maybe I should man-up and not drink the entire month like I originally said? Also, let the record show that the last seven days of 2014 I was not able to drink because of illness…

Ok, who’s in?