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Drink More Water Challenge

This looks gorgeous and time consuming, but it's EASY as PIE

This looks gorgeous and time consuming, but it’s EASY as PIE

With the New Year comes the obvious resolutions – things you plan to do all year (yeah right!) that benefit you in many ways. Health-related resolutions are usually at the top of most people’s list, as they should be.

I recently saw this 30-day Challenge on The Every Girl to encourage people to drink more water (8 eight ounce glasses a day) and it’s something I want to pass along.

The Every Girl challenges talks about all the advantages of water – hydrating your skin (your body is 60% water), it keeps you fuller and satiated longer (avoid those hunger triggers), and it’s zero calories! Win-win-win.

During all my travels, I’ve been lucky enough to enjoy many spa visits. Spas are known for providing an incredibly relaxing environment, but they also seem to have the best tasting water on the planet. And it’s usually a pretty simple process: find a fancy looking pitcher (I got a cheap one from Target), pour in filtered water, add ice cubes and cut up some fruit. It’s really that simple. I like adding lemon and lime together and on the next pitcher, I’ll add strawberries.

It makes drinking water more pleasurable and it’s just as healthy. When you add fruit to your water, it can usually last up to a week (but you should be drinking the entire pitcher in a day or two), so it’s easy upkeep.

Here is a list of ideas for making your own infused water from Nutrition Stripped:

  • grapefruit + sage//rosemary//mint//basil
  • lemon + mint//cilantro//basil
  • lemon + lime + cilantro
  • lemon + ginger
  • Meyer lemon + tangerine + pear + hot green pepper + cilantro
  • lemon + orange + ginger
  • blood orange + ginger + basil
  • cucumber + lemon + lime + mint//basil
  • cucumber + grapefruit + sage//rosemary
  • cucumber + watermelon + mint
  • carrots + apple + lemon + ginger
  • carrots + pomegranate + sage
  • honeydew + cantaloupe + watermelon + sage//mint
  • watermelon + mint//rosemary//basil
  • cantaloupe + blood orange + lemon
  • pear + rosemary//sage
  • banana + nectarine + basil
  • blackberries + raspberries + strawberries + mint
  • strawberries + grapefruit + sage
  • apple + plum + blueberries + mint//sage
  • cherries + lime + mint

On a personal note, sage and basil make me want to vomit, so of course I’ll avoid those. So give it a whirl, and Happy New Year to you all!