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ROAR: Jessica

Jessica K.: You're going to hear her ROAR

Jessica K.: You’re going to hear her ROAR

Jessica K. from The Roar of the Jaguars

She can dance, she looks amazing in a swimsuit (and anything teal), she is always on a mission for adventure, believes one wish can change the course of one’s life and isn’t afraid to admit she’s an avid fan of both Taylor Swift and Blake Bortles (for different reasons obviously). Meet Jessica K., beautiful member of The ROAR of the Jaguars, for the second straight year.

She may be an intimidating knockout in her ROAR uniform but underneath it all, she really is the girl next door–happy with a cold beer and potato chips, a good book, or an adventure wherever it may lead.

Here’s a look at our exclusive interview with this blonde bombshell:

Man Cave Daily: Where are you originally from?

Jessica: Phoenix, Arizona.

MCD: What school did you go to?

J: Arizona State University.

MCD: Occupation?

J: I am a full-time nanny for twin boys.

MCD: Years on team?

J: This is my second season on the ROAR. I was lucky enough to make the team the first time I auditioned!

MCD: Are you in the calendar?

J: Yes, I am February in the swimsuit calendar this year.

MCD: Greatest memory so far?

J: Cheering on the Jaguars at the Wembley Stadium in London for the past two years, and traveling to the British Virgin Islands to shoot our calendar this summer.

MCD: Favorite player?

J: I am a big fan of our new quarterback Blake Bortles because he brings a new energy to our team and our fans.

MCD: For those who have never been to your stadium, describe the atmosphere?

J: Everbank Field is now home to the world’s largest video scoreboards (which are absolutely AMAZING!). We also have new swimming pools in the Clevelander Deck where there is a DJ and cabanas to watch the game from. These renovations have been a huge success and made our game day experience really unique and unlike any other stadium. The fans are always wonderful and high energy, which makes our job a blast!

MCD: Which Spice Girl would you be?

J: Growing up I was always “Baby Spice” because of my blonde hair, but “Posh Spice” is my favorite!

MCD: Biggest misconception about cheerleaders?

J: The biggest misconception about cheerleaders in general is that we are dumb! Members of The ROAR of the Jaguars this year include an attorney, pharmacist, physical therapist, registered nurses, elementary and high school teachers, and special education teacher to name a few.

MCD: What charity is nearest and dearest to your heart and why?

J: I am a big fan of the Make-A-Wish Foundation, because I believe that a wish experience

The Blonde Side (middle) with Rachel (left) and Jessica (right) of The ROAR of the Jaguars

The Blonde Side (middle) with Rachel (left) and Jessica (right) of The ROAR of the Jaguars

can truly bring a child joy and change their life.

MCD: If you could only dance/perform to one artist for the entire season, who would it be?

J: Taylor Swift of course!

MCD: What’s the most random thing we’d find in your recent Google history?

J: I am obsessed with Kylie Jenner and her makeup, so I Googled “Kylie Jenner’s lip color” yesterday before I went to the makeup store…embarrassing, I know.

MCD: Since you’re so busy getting ready for the games, (sadly) you miss one of my favorite parts – tailgating! If you were asked to bring one thing, what would it be?

J: Corona Light with lime and BBQ potato chips!

MCD: I know a huge part of being an NFL cheerleader is visiting/spending time with the military. If you could give a message to those who serve our country and fight for our freedom, what would you say?

J: Thank you for your service and for defending our freedom!

MCD: Look in your purse/bag right now – what’s the most random thing in there?

J: Pepper spray, always.

MCD: Favorite book?

J: My new favorite book is Unbroken: A World War II Story of Survival, Resilience, and Redemption by Laura Hillenbrand. I wanted to read it before the movie came out and I am very glad I did!

MCD: Cheerleaders are known for taking the perfect selfies – probably more so than Kim Kardashian – what’s your secret to a perfect selfie?

J: I admit I take way too many selfies, and natural light is my secret to the perfect one!

MCD: Twerking: Fun while it lasted or wish it never started?

J: A little of both.

MCD: Any hobbies?

J: My boyfriend and I are total adventure junkies. Every weekend when there is free time we love to go hiking, bike riding, kayaking, swimming in the ocean, etc.!

MCD: What’s the team’s character like?

J: All of the women on the team are very sweet and supportive of one another this year. I have really learned how to be a team player, and as a veteran I have really enjoyed helping the rookies out this year!

MCD: Homebody or an adventurer?

J: Adventurer!

MCD: So what’s the most adventurous thing you’ve done?

J: I went out into the Florida Everglades this summer for the first time, and took an airboat out with the wild crocodiles!

MCD: Tell me something about you people would find completely interesting/out of character?

J: I LOVE to snowboard, which is almost unheard of here in Jacksonville.

Permit us to enumerate why we love Jessica in her bonus gallery. Then follow the ROAR of the Jaguars on Twitter @ROARoftheJags, visit their official website, and like them on Facebook. Don’t forget their Instagram @ROARofthejags!

To see the original article that ran on CBS Man Cave Daily, click here in the sport’s section. Thanks to ShockTop for this series to show America how awesome and unfiltered these ladies of the NFL sidelines are!