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Falcons Cheer Alice

Go Alice, Go Alice, GO!

Go Alice, Go Alice, GO!

Indeed the funniest gal on the sidelines.

If you’re a proud owner of a 2014 Atlanta Falcons Cheerleader calendar, odds are you’re already familiar with my friend Alice, who reps not only Miss October 2014, but December as well (your calendar should already be turned to her page if you’re keeping up).

She’s smart, she’s beautiful, she’s in great shape, she has a practically unmatched sense of humor and she speaks in hashtags – only sometimes, when talking about her Alma Mater. As much as Alice loves being an NFL cheerleader, she realizes that it’s “icing on the cake,” and only lasts for a short time, which is why she’s making her mark and enjoying every second of it. Personally, I’m a big fan of women with enough drive and confidence to book a one-way ticket, no matter the reason. Also, how can you not love a woman who grew up in a funeral home?

Here’s the Atlanta Falcons Cheerleaders captain in her own words…

Man Cave Daily: Where are you originally from?

Alice: Eden, NC

MCD: What school did you go to? Were you in a sorority?

A: East Carolina University #arrrrgh
No sorority, but I was on the dance team, which was basically like a sorority since we spent all of our time together even when we weren’t at practice or games.

MCD: Occupation?

A: Pure Barre Studio Director & Pure Barre Instructor–I basically get to work in the most positive atmosphere ever, share my passion of health & fitness with wonderful people, and wear fashionable workout clothes. Pretty much the best job ever and I’m so happy.

MCD: Years on team?

A: This is my fourth year on the team, second year as captain. I actually made it on my first try, took a one-way flight to ATL and hoped for the best. Somehow everything has fallen into place since then.

MCD: Are you in the swimsuit calendar?

A: Yes, I was Miss October 2014 in our latest swimsuit calendar. I’m also Miss December 2014 in last year’s calendar as well. Our calendars are usually 14-16 months so sometimes they overlap. So I just kind of took over the fall of 2014.

MCD: Greatest memory so far?

A: I have so many amazing memories, but I’d have to say it would be our recent game in London. The atmosphere in London and Wembley Stadium was just incomparable to anything I have ever been around. We were lucky enough to perform with “Little Mix,” a very popular British girl group. I think I may want to pursue being a back-up dancer after performing with them, it was the most fun I’ve ever had. The entire trip just exceeded my expectations, and everyone was so incredibly nice and welcoming. It was great to get to spend some time with my teammates and tour around London a bit as well.

MCD: Favorite player?

A: My favorite player would have to be Matt Ryan. I just feel like he represents the Atlanta

Alice: Equal parts beauty and humor

Alice: Equal parts beauty and humor

Falcons organization the best, on and off the field. He continues to give 100% to the team, regardless of a winning or losing season.

MCD: For those who have never been to your stadium, describe the atmosphere?

A: Our games are in the Dome, right in the heart of downtown Atlanta. With an enclosed dome the sound can get pretty loud, and I think that is why we have been so successful playing when we are at home. We also play a lot of hip-hop, pop & old school jams that really get the crowd going! During the game they release thousands of parachutes with t-shirts attached and of course free shirts will get anyone excited and it’s really cool to see. They are actually building our brand new dome right next door, which will have a retractable roof (should be awesome!).

MCD: If you had a Real Housewives intro, what would yours be?

A: Hmmm I actually thought about this the other day when I was watching the RHOBH but it would be something like “I always want to be proud of my decisions in life, and I always want to have something to look forward to…”

MCD: Who’s your bestie on the squad?

A: No bestie on the squad this year, lots of wonderful friends though. All my besties retired last season and I decided to try out one last year!

MCD: Biggest misconception about cheerleaders?

A: I’d say the biggest misconception is that we don’t have a career beyond the pom-poms. I can say with confidence that every single one of my teammates has a full-time job, career, or is a full-time student. Our team is built around women that inspire each other. We all have a passion for performing and cheering on our team, but we also have career goals we are working to. Cheering is the icing on the cake, and it only lasts for a short time.

MCD: What charity is nearest and dearest to your heart and why?

A: American Cancer Society is an organization that is very important to me. I have many friends & family that have been affected by cancer and the more support to find cures, the better we are.

MCD: If you could only dance/perform to one artist for the entire season, who would it be?

A: I could definitely dance to Michael Jackson all season long, I mean the hits are endless. My current alarm is “Pretty Young Thing.” Classic.

MCD: Most embarrassing/random thing we’d find in your recent Google history?

A: I Google literally everything from…”What is casual-chic?” to “Why is this plant I bought last week already dead?”

MCD: I know a huge part of being an NFL cheerleader is visiting/spending time with the military (which I love!). If you could give a message to those who serve our country and fight for our freedom, what would you say?

A: I actually had the honor of visiting some of our troops in Japan this past January, and it was just an unforgettable experience to see these people devoting their lives to protecting our country and freedom. I really respect each and every person in our military and the sacrifices they have made.

MCD: Look in your purse/bag right now – what’s the most random thing in there?

A: My dead Jambox…I’m still hoping it will come back to life and provide me with my tunes. It died in a hairspray explosion, probably the best way to go. I also am old school and keep all my ideas/reminders on sticky notes, so there are probably at least 15 sticky notes in my bag.

MCD: Favorite book/magazine/website?

A: I would love to set aside more time to read, in the past I have always enjoyed any type of mystery books. I must confess that I started reading the Pretty Little Liars series and I finished up to book 13. Once I realized it was listed as “children’s fiction” I realized I should probably broaden my genre of reading materials.

MCD: Cheerleaders are known for taking the perfect selfies – probably more so than Kim Kardashian – what’s your secret to a perfect selfie?

A: I always feel really awkward when I take a selfie, so it’s not that frequent of an occurrence. It’s either on game day when I’ve spent all morning getting ready or when I’ve just gotten my hair done at the salon and I just feel fabulous (also rare).

MCD: Twerking: Fun while it lasted or wish it never started?

A: No, just no.

MCD: Any time for hobbies or interests?

A: Everyone should always make time for hobbies! I like knitting scarves. I know it sounds old school and crazy but it’s actually relaxing and I’m going to be extra warm this winter. I also bought a Go Pro before we went to London, so now I’m obsessed with videoing and editing. I made a video of our entire trip and now I want to document everything about my last season.

MCD: What’s the team’s character like?

A: Our coach pushes us to be “WOW Women” as she calls it. We are very fortunate to be in an organization where we are encouraged to pursue our dreams. Each of my teammates has a career and/or some type of aspiration in life that continues to push them to be the incredible women they are. I’m inspired each day by all of them. My coach is incredibly important to the teams’ character, she is a counselor and I always feel like she understands us to the very core.

MCD: Homebody or an adventurer?

A: I’d say I’m most of an adventurer but I enjoy staying home once in a while and just relaxing in silence. I really enjoy traveling and I get restless if I don’t have a trip at least once a month. Most of the time I will be either traveling to L.A., Austin, or NC to visit family. Even Europe once in a while (when I can save up) and visit some other family. I love exploring new areas and restaurants in Atlanta too, there is always something new popping up around here!

MCD: What’s the most adventurous thing you’ve done?

A: I feel like I have done a lot of adventurous things in my life with the places I have traveled and the people I have met. But, none of this would have been possible if I had never left NC. So I have to say, taking a one-way flight to ATL in the hopes of making the team as an Atlanta Falcons Cheerleader (with NO back-up plan) and moving here was the most adventurous thing I have done. I’m from a town of 16,000 people and the town where I went to school was also small…so when someone leaves to go to “the big city” and makes a life there, it’s a huge deal for us small-town folk.

MCD: Tell me something about you people would find completely interesting/out of character?

A: Something interesting about me…I actually grew up in my family’s funeral home, it’s right next to my house so that’s where I spent a lot of my time growing up and I even worked there every summer. It’s a little different, but it’s always been my normal when I go home… Go by the funeral home and hang out with my dad & uncle and catch up on everything while I’m home, help out when I can.

We didn’t even talk about the funeral home! Go to her bonus gallery and see how growing up in one makes her the coolest crush we’ve ever had!

To see this original article, check out the sports page of CBS Man Cave Daily here. And thanks to ShockTop for showing us how shockingly awesome the Falcons cheer captain is!