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Resetting in Belize

The Blonde Side is headed to Belize with The Reset Retreat

The Blonde Side is headed to Belize with The Reset Retreat

In case you’re looking for me next week, I’ll be in Ambergris Caye, Belize getting my shit together. Literally.

Timing is everything right? That’s what everyone says and for once I think I’m buying it. It’s hard to meet like-minded badass women, and last week I MET TWO – two (Cierra and Natalie) of the founders of The Reset Retreat.

I’m still not totally sure what to expect for the seven days in Belize (except for pampered massages, the beaches, boating, yoga, running on the beach, bikinis, champagne…did I mention the beach?), but it’s more than just a vacation. I know – “more than just a vacation” is probably copyrighted by a totally cheesy travel company, but THIS ONE is for soul searching, healing, getting back on track (hence the name The RESET Retreat), prioritizing life and figuring out how to make yours the best possible. I realize it all sounds totally Oprah-y, but there’s got to be something to that – that woman is a bazillionaire and everyone cares what she’s doing and saying every second of the day.

I write a lot about health and fitness and it’s a huge part of my life, but a huge part of health and fitness is having a healthy and happy mind. A clear one. A focused one. One up for the task of tackling every new day.

Again, I’m probably making this sound cheesy, but the truth is the truth. I’m excited to share all the fun things I do while in Belize with these women and what I learn about myself, so stay tuned here and Girls Getaway.

For now, here’s a look at some of the questions (and answers) that were sent to me to prep for this trip.

1. What is your proudest accomplishment? 

My proudest accomplishment has been without a doubt starting my sports column (TheBlondeSide.com) and subsequently my own business as a freelance sports, travel and fitness writer, which has been going (I won’t say strong, but going) for the past five years.

In college I had always dreamed of working for myself, but Corporate America seemed to suit me well for seven years. It wasn’t until I was laid off that I wanted to take a “break,” which actually resulted in creating my own job. I’m the kind of gal that doesn’t fit within molds and never have, which definitely includes your standard and typical job description. I still think I may go back to Corporate America one day, but it will likely be someone who knows me that recruits me into a role that we create together – you certainly won’t see my future job posted on Monster (at least I don’t think).

2. What is a small pleasure that can transform your mood?

I feel like this changes quite often. Sometimes it’s carrot cake from my favorite place here in Houston, sometimes it’s watching a super cheesy movie  (a Lifetime movie actually, don’t judge!), sometimes it’s just literally sitting outside in the sun and taking in my surroundings. I’ve started going to Memorial Park (a park and running trail here in Houston) a lot lately and just taking a long walk or run and then stretching and relaxing and watching the other people around me. The sun feels good, but being outdoors is definitely something that feeds my soul.

3. If money wasn’t a factor and you could choose to do anything for a day, what would it be?

I love boats – any kind of boats. Any day that I can just jump on a boat is my kind of day – I’d love to have access to one of those yachts (and chefs, and expensive champagne, and gorgeous waters and all that other stuff) like on Real Housewives, so maybe that’d be it. But then it’d spoil me and I’d want to do that everyday, not just one day.

4. What activity brings you the most joy?

Again, this changes a lot. I sometimes end up OD’ing on my favorite things – my favorite song on repeat FOR DAYS (and then it makes my ears bleed I can’t stand to hear it anymore) or my favorite dessert and then I’m on to something new.

Although I’m a writer by trade, I’d have to say CREATIVE writing brings me joy. I often get so bogged down doing athlete interviews or having to insert so many great quotes, that I don’t get to actually do much writing – my job has become a lot of fitting quotes into a few paragraphs and then writing a few filler sentences. It’s still fun, but when a subject just hits me and I feel like I can write for days – that’s kind of the stuff life is made of, right?

5. What is your most significant current challenge?

Is it bad to say EVERYTHING?

It’s become a challenge to find new stories to write about, new outlets to pitch to, meeting new people (also known as dating), getting my book published, handling rejection (being a freelance writer, this is a HUGE part of my business, which is tough), paying bills, spending time with my friends, eating healthy…and pretty much everything in between.

I like the path my life has taken, but there is A LOT missing and still want (i.e. a family), so I’m having a hard time figuring out what stuff I need to stop focusing on and what I need to spend more time doing. Many would say that I don’t need to sacrifice or give stuff up to get the other stuff, and it’s not about that. My lifestyle hasn’t helped me be the easiest or best person to date and I know there are a lot changes I need to make. I recently went through a lot at the beginning of this year and it’s absolutely changed the path of my life. I’m still learning how to deal with all of that.

I guess if I had to sum up my MOST significant current challenge, even though it’s rather cliche, would be to wake up everyday and create a life I love – that’s not something I’m actively doing anymore. I kind of keep trucking along at minimal speed and then at night reflect on why so much sucks and hurts. I know I’ve got to change that, I just need to find the energy and motivation to do it.